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I'm a 2nd year college student. Studying Computer Science in such way that i really don't like the course itself. I used to play Computer games specially Ragnarok to let my loneliness pass by. Every moment i see myself on a mirror, I want to cry... Asking myself why do I need to love him.... He's a freshman, Tourism student. He's also a RO player. I used to know him on my birthday. Me made me Very Happy and made my day very special. He talked to me so much that I could even see what will happen the next day... As time passes by, I fall in love with him. I said, "I like you and I do love you!"

The next days, he didn't even talked to me the way we used to be...


My days become so lonely, alone like the past days. Just like what happened before... >.< But still I haven't learned from my mistakes, I still go on even though he didn't like me. Before he left me over, he tried to play my emotions... Making up jealous with one guy...>.<... I don't know what should I do because its too complicated that he scares me... I was so lonely starting those days... Until the day he have just forget me and think that he even dodn't know me. I loved him so much... I liked him so much but... he just played up with me... I don't know what will i do, because I'm still stucked with him... still hoping he'll come back on some other way...



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