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so i recently broke up with my boyfriend, well actually he broke up with me. and i was really devastated at first but now i realize that he probabyl wasnt the right guy for me even though he seemed perfect at first. we'll call him bob but where my confusion comes in is that in about april i was dating this really sweet, cute guy that i really liked ( lets call him matt) but i had liked bob before that. i just never said anything because he was my bestfriend's brother's friend, and he was older than me so i thought he wouldnt like me. well turns out that after i had dated matt for about 2 weeks i found out that bob did like me. and that he haad actually liked me before that for a while but he never said anything because he thought i would think he was wierd or something...

so bob and i started talking alot and even though i was dating matt, i didnt know if it was official because he never really asked me out. so i was confused because now i was dating one guy but i also liked someone else. well a few days later matt and i broke up ad then i waited a bit before going out with bob. but now i feel really stupid because i let go if a really great guy for someone i thought was better but wasnt in the long run.

well matt andi still talk and were friends but i never really got over what i did to him. i felt so bad because he had never done anything to make me break up with him. and i asked him if he felt as bad when we broke up as i did when bob and i broke up and he said that i made him feel like he wasnt important because i left him so soon for another guy. and i still feel terrible about it. so now i think i might still have feelings for him but i dont know if he does for me or if he would ever go back out with me. my friends say he would but i dont even know if i deserve him to go out with me again.. what should i do?


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