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      The Guy who I trust everything with.


He's my first love, and will probably be my only true love.


I'm not gonna put his real name, so we'll call him Mike.


I met Mike October of my Junior year, through a mutual friend. Since then, we talked a LOT, and October of 2007 we finally got together.


We've been through a lot, more than most people would imagine teenagers go through. We've been through drama, misunderstanding, tears, hurt, heartbreak, and pain. But the fact that we made it through is amazing.


Things haven't always been smooth sailing, but I know that it'll be worth it.


I'm only 17, and he's only 18, and we've only been dating for a year, but this is real. People may say I'm young and immature and don't know what love is, but whoever set the age to fall in love? In the eyes of others, we're just silly teens in puppy love. And whoever said maturity was necessary? We're silly together, we make each other laugh by doing stupid things. Whoever said we don't know what love is? Well, they haven't been in my shoes before.


We plan on being with each other until we're old and wrinkly, and no one or nothing can stop us.




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