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      Does he still care?


Well it all started when i moved to Canada

i meet great guy and we dated from grade 4 to 7 well on and off. In grade 7 another guy really liked me but i didn't really like him but as we spent more time together, i fell in love. i ended up dumping the guy i first loved, and dated the other. When we dated it was so much fun i justed loved the way he held me and everythin we would sneak out and everything and we where so into each other, but as it went on i felt that i wanted something different than he is so i broke up with him. we became friends for a while but he still kept asking me out but i said no a couple times. Then finally i said yes and the same thing happend we where still into each other we where there side by said, until one day we got really mad at each other and he dumpped me.

That night i caried my eyes out but my friends where there for me. A couple monthes later he hooked up with a girl i really hated but me and her became really close friends. me and her used to hang out lots. my ex and his cousin hang out with us then his coussin asked me out i said yes. So we hang out lots but he would text me and ask why am datin his cousin so i broke up with him. Me and him started talkin about when we went out sonn i told him how i still had feelings for him then he said oh. and i said is that akll u could say then he said what do you want me to say? i said nothin. a week later my mom told me we had to move and i really dont wanna lose him i think about him everyday but i also have to face the fact that he doesnt have those feelings for me anymore am completely lots. i really dont know wat to do about him i know i shoudnt have dumped him but i try forget him but he makes it so hard. every time he says oh we are just friends i wanna scream out and say I love You. sometimes i think he is playing with me but i really dont know him anymore. but i really love him and i dont wanna leave him i want it to be like it use to be i cant even date anyone anymore, it makes me feel like am cheating on him when am not and when i date other guys he acts like he still has feelings for me.

please help me

he is messing with my heart



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