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      A love that last's


I was 13 when my best friend (like a brother) introduced me to his new school friends. I became very close with his 4 friends and started to hang out with them quite regularly.


It wasn't long before i fell for one of his close friends, Shane. Shane had liked me for quite a while but was shy to ask me out and i was scared if we went out, it would ruin our friendship.


Anyway, about half way through the year he started asking me out but i couldn't get the courage to say yes. He waited and waited and asked me out a few more times for the next three months when finally on Monday, December 5th 2005 he asked me out one more time and i said yes!


For the first three months of our relationship it was very plain and we didn't see a lot of each other. When it came to my 14th B'day in March he came over to my place for the very first time. Shane was already 14 when we started going out and because there was only an 8 month gap between me and him, my parents didn't really mind.


We started to see more and more of each other and even started running up the phone bill because we would talk for 2-3 hours every night. When it had came up to our one year anniversary we were so happy and were so in love with each other.


But it was after that, that our parents started to get involved and weren't happy that we were in such a long relationship at such a young age. But we didn't care, we loved each other and our parents weren't going to stop us!


I went away with his family for Easter in 2007 and it was the most wonderful 5 days of my life! We had so much fun.


It was getting closer to our 2 year anniversary and we were still madly in love. We did have a few ups n downs but they never got in the way. It was in November that my parents forced me to break up with him because they said we were too serious and my mother kept saying that i was pregnant for some reason.


She took me to the doctors twice to get a pregnancy test when i new i wasn't pregnant.


I had to break up with Shane and i cry ed every day until the next year in February when we secretly got back together. We finally told our parents in march just before my 16th b'day that we were back together and they weren't going to get in the way of us ever again.


My parents and his parents might not like the fact that we are together and in love but we don't care anymore. From now on we are going to do whats best for us not them!


I love Shane so much and i don't plan on going any where unless its with him!


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