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      The right love at the wrong time...


   We met in a very unusual, unlikely way. When text messaging became a fad, i was one of the millions that was hooked. Little did i know that i will meet my one true love this way.

   I was 20 years old then, in college, meeting lots of people, having so much fun, when a lone text message was sent to my cellphone that rainy night. "Will u be my textmate?" was the meassage. I was already half asleep that time so i wasnt able to reply until the next morning. "who are u?" "how did u get my number?" was my reply. And it all started there. We exchanged pleasantries and names, etc. We became textmates for 5 months. 24/7 we would send text messages to each other, call each other, etc. Until we met finally after 5 mos in a nearby mall. But i have to admit that even before i met him, i was already secretly in love with him. It didnt change even after we met. So, we ate at a the local fastfood, then had fun chatting like old friends, and went to see a movie after. I found out later that he had checked in a local hotel to spend the night since he will be leaving back home the following day. I offered to send him up to his hotel room just to make sure he will be ok before i go home. And it just happened. Unexpectedly. I only knew that it was the right thing to do at that time since i loved the guy and i felt that he was the right one to give it to. I trusted him with all my heart. Never had i known a pleasure so right and wonderful until that night. The next morning, as i prepared myself to leave, he prepared breakfast and afterwards, we did it one last time. I left him that day at the hotel hoping i could still see him again.

   I was wrong. He never called me or texted me again. I told myself, "oh well" "i guess i have to move on and pretend nothing happened". So i went on with my life. But the greates surprise of my life came 3 months later, that was chrismas time. I found out i was pregnant with his baby. At first, i was in denial, because i thought that wopuld be impossible since that was just one night we spent together. But i guess, sometimes, destiny plays a painful trick on you. I didnt know how to tell him at first. So i sent him a text message and told him that i was 3 months pregnant with his baby. I wasnt expecting his reaction. He completely denied that he was the father of my baby. He said maybe i got drunk and had sex with someone and now i am asking him to admit and acknowledge my baby. I was crying the whole time and i told him that i wasnt asking him to admit or oblige him to take responsibility , i just felt it was his right to know as the father. right then and there, i vowed myself to totally forget him and raise my baby alone.

   I now have a handsome, smart and adorable son who unmistakingly looks like his dad. Even if he treated me that way, i still hold a special place for him in my heart, not only because he is the father of my son, but because I believe he is meant to be my one great love. I still thank the Lord that he made our paths cross because if not for him, i wouldnt have my son now, Nathan, who proudly and adorably calls me Mommy. My only consolation is, eventhough we didnt end up together and he was not meant for me, i have our son, who is a part of him, who will be a constant reminder of who he was in my life.



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