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      The boy next door


hi my name is stina, when i was 14 my moms best friend moved out from the apartment next door to ours. i thought that there would be mean old people that where going to move in. but to my surprise a young women moved in about mid 20s. i told my mom i hope they are nice. so its july 2001 very hot this summer and the apartments dont have a swimming pool, so im in my back yard cooling down with the hose like i usally laying outside the fience sun bathing, when i see this shadow walking up to me. its him the man of my dreams you might think that im lieing but i knew from the moment that i seen this man that he was going to be the one that i would spend the rest of my life with. but i didnt say anything he went into the house next door. what i didnt know was that my uncle was friends with his brother and they would come over and play guitar at night and drink.. theen my uncle looks at me and tells me that he would like me to be with someone like him but not him because he's too old for me. by the way he's 19 teen and his nams is daniel. well that still didnt stop me i kept calling daniel outside to talk to me for like two months he wouldnt come. then one night i had drank with my best friend jenny and thought that i would try one more time if not then it wasnt ment to be. but to my surprise he came out and he talked to me all night until 7 in the morning. he kissed me that night aand 7 years later we have two kids and even though he didnt want to talk to me, i cant get him to leave me i told you i knew he was the one since that day i seen him walk by me in the back he lays next to me sleeping i wouldnt change nothing about him i love him with all my heart


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