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      I can't forget him


we meet  when we were in 7 grade, i feel in love with him and dint know what to do, every time he came near me i would get nervous and turn red.

i never told any one about me liking him not even my best friend

i thought that if i said something about him everyone would make fun of me.

But the truth was that i was only hurting myself , because i saw him go out with my friends and that really affected me a lot. i would be sad the rest of the day. We still stayed closed friends during 8 grade, that was the year i really knew i was in love with him. i still didn't want to tell him anything because he had friends that did not like me very well and if i sad something they would make fun of me and make jokes about me. That year he showed feeling for me, every time i had a sad face he would ask me what was happening and if a boy hurt me , he would brake their face off. He was the only boy that i looked into his eyes and would make me want to melt.  when i looked in his eyes i would see he liked me but he was scared just like me, i could see he was scared of what his friends think. He acted like he was a brother to me and he would protect me from anything, Every time i talked about a boy he would be the first one to make a negative comment about it. 

Every thing changed during summer i felt he really liked me. he had said something that made me really happy

but when the first day of high school started everything was different 

i no longer talked to him, but every time i saw him down the hallway i would stop and look at him. Every day i think of him

i don't know what t do to forget him

i think of what would of happened if i out with him

every song i listen i think of him

I'm thinking of him non stop and i don't know what to do

it is really affecting me and i really want to forget him but i really can't


Please Help me 


this is ruining my life, his all i think about, but i think is time to let him go but my heart doesn't want to


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