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      True friendship (Love & Trust)


My Best-friend and I have a unique friendship, we have unique love & trust for one another. He is the one person besides God on this earth who knows me best and I him. A year and a half has felt like a life-time. When you spend so much time with someone who makes you laugh, is there when no one else is and always listens to every story you tell exciting or boring it is then you discover you have a friend. When you meet someones family and hear about their past good or bad, who is interested to do the same and hear the same it is then you become a sister or a brother. When you are the only one who is always there, who is the only one left standing beside them through troubled times or the one shoulder who is there for them to cry on it is then you become their Best-friend!!! There are so many people who do object to our friendship and so many who have tried to separate us. Try to tell two people who have only ever been honest with one another, who have prevailed through tough times and have overcome every obstacle others may have thrown their way to forget about each other you will fail every time. It is like telling a heart to stop beating. Why would you give it up when it only ever loved you and taught you to love. Why would you choose to die when you are living.At this present time my best-friend is not with me, he HAD to go, I HAD to stay. So did we fall in love?


I know I did!!!


Does the story end here?


I trust it won't.




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