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I met the love of my life at a very young age of eighteen. He is much older than I am (seven years). It hurt me when he was away from me but when we were together everything was great.

As our love grew we were not able to stay apart for very long. We finally moved in together and then married. My first pregnancy was very difficult. I was sick all the time and eventually it lead to a misscarriage. We were so sad and often times talked and wondered what could have been if our baby was born.

My second pregancy was fun. We looked towards the birth of our child and at twenty-two years old I had our son. We were so happy. A couple of years later we had another son. I was twenty-five years old.

Eventually things started to change between us and we started spending more and more time apart. He would go his way and I would stay with the children. I focused on them and it didn't hurt to much that their father was not around.

I found out that on his trips out of town he had met another woman. I was so devastated and it hurt so much. I left him and promised myself that I would never let anyone hurt me again. I was alone with my children. They looked so innocent and asked why their father did not come home. I did not have an answer for them because they were so little.

I eventually moved on with my life. My children kept me strong and I went to college to get a degree. I look back and sometimes wonder how I ever managed to raise my children, go to school and work. It made me strong and I learned alot about life. You have to love yourself first.


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