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      When He First Kissed Me...In Love With My Best Friend


I'm 15 and I never kissed a guy until tonight.

My friend was having a night out on the creek.It was at 5 and ended at 9:30..It was dark so we couldn't see a thing.My best guy friend Jon was there, and I stayed by his side the whole time since It was really scary.


We were all playing Marko Polo and I was it.I screamed Marko and noone said anything..So I got scared and opend my eyes and to my surprise noone was in the creek! I panic and started looking around..I heard a noise on the bank so I got out to look around, and I seen Jon running to me..I thought the pulled a prank on me so I got mad and shoved him,but he grabbed my arms and stared at me for what seemed like years.Then he leaned in close and kissed my lips.It was a soft tender kiss but I felt like melting.Jon my best friend was my first kiss.I couldn't believe it.He always seemed like a brother to me not my bf.


Everyone came back and we started drinking cokes and eating pizza and sat around a fire.Me and Jon stayed snuggle up to eachother the whole time.It felt so good...I then asked why everyone left and they said..So Jon could have time to kiss me..So they all planned this...I wasn't mad I was happy..everyone got up and went inside the creek, but I was kinda scared bc i couldn't see anything, so Jon stayed with me and he stared into my eyes the whole time, then whispered your beautiful.I couldn't help it I grabbed his face and we started kissing under the stars and I didnt care who seen . He told me he always been in love with me, but didn't know how I felt about him.I thought of him as my brother, but when he kissed me I suddenly felled in love.Thats my story and I'm happy to say were both in the same college now, and when we get out were getting married.His kisses still give me butterflies.


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