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      An Innocent Love Story


We may find lots n lots of people in love but do U think that is it true love that they share.. Well acc. to me apart from some cases there is no true love in this world.People go around with one person n then after sometime they go on with someone else.Hmmm acc. to me its not true love tat they share,wat I think is that they just want a pass time...

I'm not any great personality nor I'm the one who has set any examples for da world but still I think that In my case there is true love.Many of my friends know that I'm in love with a girl but they just think that its a temp. crush or whatever they call it-an attraction.There is only one person in this whole world who knows a lot bout' my love n that person is the one with whom I'm in Love with.She knows that who much she means to me,she knows that I'd do any possible thing that it takes to get her love.

Its been around 7n half months from now that I'm in love with her n still the feelings r jus da same n I think that that I'm becoming more n more demandin for her love.Its really very very intricate to live without her.But what can I do?? I cant do nothin part' from watin for that day when she'd find her true love in me.Eventhough I know that what I mean to her.Let me tell you somethin,its been around 4-5 months since we r talkin to each other n we have got a very good bonding..Nor I can see her sad nor she can.Whenever we r talkin on da phone there is a sudden rush of mind if anyone is sad or blue amongst us.There is a lot more in our relationship,something thats not so common in others or it may be.Whenever we r on the phone its never ample nomatter how many hours we speak.It seems like da conversation was started a couple of minutes ago.N let me tell u somethin,we dont reside in da same city.But distance is not a problem even though it certainly is.

I'v even proposed her but its just the future which keeps holdin us back.She holds all good for me n she is ready to make our present beautiful but a thought crosses her mind that if somethin happens in the future then will I be able to take it.The answer that comes from both side is NO.N this makes my mind n my heart to stumble.What if she fell in for some other guy..Lots n lots of querys roll up i my mind n again i'm left speechless.. but then again my mind tries to tranquil me down n reminds me of my innocent love that i got for her..its reminds me of her sweet face which helps me in forgetin every awful thought that was there.

We have shared some of the most beautiful moments which we have not even thought off.Wish that there are lot more to come.WISH!!yeah wish..cuz its the only thing in this world wihch I can do.

N let me tell my love,my life again that I'll wait for her till the end of time cuz i hope that she's gonna come to me.N I'm ready to give her as much time as she want................


Peace to All the True Lovers...



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