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      Broken hearted


im rhea 14 yrs old!!am i started liking this guy im our summer classes!!

we started to get along together!!having fun just the the two of us!!!

im honestly in love with him before!!!during our summer vacation!!but after the summer classes were over he havent see each other for a long period time..

2 months of no communication we accidentally met at a bar with hes another friends then it felt lake ugghhh!!

OH MY GOD.......

we had a lot of things to talk about and share its like how many years not seeing each other !!i miss him of course and im not sure if he thus....

we exchange mobile numbers...

it havent take as so long to talk coz its time, for him to go....

after the accident meeting we axchange messages and calls me almost everyday....

but after two nightz he courted me bt this time i dont love him anymore i only admire him!!!

people what should i do??

help me


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