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      Love at first sight


I moved to this really nice house with my parents when I was fifteen.  I mean the house was huge and the night I moved there, I found a perfect room with bay windows for me to sit but the only thing was that the bay windows were facing another house, the one right next to ours.  When I looked out the window, I could see three huge windows that exposed a guys room.  All of a sudden, a minute after I walked in, the lights in the other room turned on and a boy walked in.  He was gorgeous and had green eyes and dark hair.  Our eyes met I freaked so I ran downstairs.  The next day my mom tells me that we have to have dinner with them and I freaked out so bad.  The worst scenarios played out in my head like he thought I was a freak for looking at him or something.


When we went to their house my mom immediately went to go help Brian's mom, I found that out when we introduced ourselves, and dad was talking to his father about football so we were stuck their awkwardly glancing at each other until I started to talk about my love for running and how we both do track and cross country.  We ended up sitting next to each other in the dinner table, not that we wanted to, but by the tame we got there only two seats were open.  I tried my hardest to eat perfectly and not make a mess but occasionally our elbows would hit or my arm slightly touched his.  The night was a pretty good, I thought.


On Monday when I had to start school, my guide was a really popular girl and since I didn't know anyone I sat with her in lunch.  I also didn't know that Brian sat at the same table.  We would always glance at each other and if our eyes met, I would look away shamefully.  It was like that a lot during school.  Our families naturally became friends and one day when they came over to have dinner, Brian brought me aside and told me that he really wanted to go to this party, and he thought that if I came with him it would look like we were hanging out, instead of Brian ditching which his mom would have hated.  I said yes and we got picked up by my guide at school, Kelly and her friends.  When we got the party I was pressured to drink so I did, which I us ally never do, and when I got too drunk I found myself in the arms of some huge football guy.  I kept on whispering in my ear to get me to go upstairs.  It was hot and was dizzy, I pushed away from him but he held on, and then I felt a cold hand grab my arm and yank me away.  there was words exchanged or fighting I don't know, but I left straight outside.  I sat in the cold cement by the steps and Brian came to me.  I put his arm on my shoulder and comforted me even though I was going to puke. Brian apologized for taking me.  It was sweet.


After that we hung out a lot more like we would run together and chill at parties together.  It felt nice.  I became one of the popular girls and guys were flinging themselves all over me but Brian was always there to throw them off.  It was a shock to me how we never dated.  Until...


I found out my parents were getting a divorce. It was night i was crying in my room.  Brian saw me crying through the windows and sneak out of his house and up this little ladder grape vine thing and hugged me.  And then he kissed me and although it would have been a shock any other time.  It felt like the right moment to do so.  After waiting for him to make the move he finally did and I wasn't surprised.  He stayed with me until 4 AM and told he how much he loved me and though I was beautiful.  Its now my senior year and we are still together.


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