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      Don't Know What To Do...I Love Him So Much!


Okay well I'm Kelli and the guy is Nick. Nick and I have been really good friends in our childhood. But only because me and his sister Kim were very close. When I was about 10 Nick was 12. and Kim was 9. Kim invited me and my one year younger sister to spend the night with her. I was so happy because secretly I liked Nick a lot. But what I didn't know was that my sister Ashley liked him too! I thought oh well because I thought Nick liked me because he was always teasing me. But I thought wrong he liked Ashley! We were in Kim's bedroom playing with dolls whenever Nick came in. Kim starts picking on Nick asking him which one of us does he like. To my surprise he picked Ashley.I was left to go home brokenhearted.About a year or so Kim and Nick had to move. I was so sad but I ended up getting over it.

5 years passed and I'm 15. One Wednesday I went to church and was shocked of what I seen. Sitting at a table in the kitchen was Nick and Kim. They moved back! I was so happy I ran up and gave Kim a big hug.Once again we became friends. I noticed that Nick would always stare at me.

I got on myspace and looked at my new messages. When I seen that Nick sent me one I was so happy and anxious to open it.He asked me for my number and I gave it to him. We started texting and became very good friends. At church we would hang out and when I went to stay the night at Kim's we would hang out. Suddenly he asked me out and I said yes. We were always together couldn't stand being out of each others sight.At church all the boys would pick on him but he didn't think too much about it.

One day we were texting and he asked me to kiss him behind the church Wednesday. I never kissed a guy so I was nervous and scared. When the day came he took me by my arm and brought me behind the church. He hugged me so my head could rest on his chest the looked down at me and smiled. I melted right there. I told him I never kissed a guy and he said he will teach me. He touched my lips softly with his and held it there for what seemed liked years. I had so many butterflies.Then he took my lips and started moving them with theirs. I couldn't handle this. When we broke apart I was breathless.Then it hit me. I asked him why when we were younger did he like Ashley. He said it was because he was young and stupid and wanted to make me jealous. So he did like me all along! When we got home that night I layed in my bed thinking about that kiss. He then sent me a text message telling me i was his first loved. He moved way to quickly and stupid me broke up with him.

I still like him and I know he still loves me because he messages me a lot and tells me he misses me and wants me back. I dont know what to do I like him but I can't handle this. I have a boyfriend already and I can't dump him for Nick. So tell me what can I do?


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