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      He played me


his name was ryan. he had a reputation as a heart breaker but i didn't listen. i heard rumors that he had another girl but he denied them.when he asked me out he sounded so sincere.when we talked on the phone he made me smile so much.i told him i didn't want to get hurt because i've been hurt before.he promised he would never hurt me. but then he lasted a good 3 weeks without calling me.when he finally called i was so happy.i wondered what he could have been doing in those 3 weeks. a few days later i checked his myspace to see if he had our date up on his headline.but what i saw broke my was a date for him and some other girl. i couldn't believe it.the pieces started to fall together.the other girl, the date, and the 3 weeks with out calling me. but i was strong and had to let go.i didnt listen and got my heart broken the same story is always repeating itself maybe now ill learn to listen to the advice that people give me and then maybe i can have a good relationship for once.


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