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      My loving heart is gone


My girlís name is Avanthi and she is so great and lovely, I met her first time in the computer institute. when she is best friend liked me. I started to talk and laugh and she let me to beside and hold her hands, I was†Texting her in the mobile phone and every day and every now and then even Iím the one have to give the cash to top up the phone credit and many more things I have done to her, i liked her so much thatís why I did those things, but we never went out or hang out together but she was so happy to be with me and talk with me, after about one year, one day her mother read my message that Iím saying to her ďI love you my sweetheartĒ, her mother saw that message and scolded me like nothing, its like scolding to a dog, I †havenít heard those words before but I never talked back to her, her mother was acting weird like wicked witch she doesnít like me her mother hates me like wicked woman they are in different community but I texted again to her and I was asking whether you are in to community on that time she said she is not and said Iím her love, after that I forgotten what was happened is happened weíll start again, but its really failed me again this time she said Iím not coming after you and she found a wealthy boy better than me I guess so, and after seeing her boy, its really made my heart broken in to pieces like the mirror clashes in the floor, and I was heavly crying like nothing and I couldnít able to sleep for 2 days and couldnít have my meals properly, that was most devastating thing that never ever happened to me †in my life, I thought she is the one for my and she is my soul forever, but its not true all went in negatively I never thought It will happened to me, when ever I see her on the road I used to cry in my self, and ask my self will she come back to me, even when Iím typing this my tears are rolling down. Now I decided not to marry just to live alone. May the god help me with this, ( please dear friends if you have any suggestion about this Iím awaiting for your message) (jbillanton@hotmail)


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