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      My love story


so i met this one guy and we met each other when i around 06 of December. He was very adorable and kiddish. then i began to crush on him...and soon found out that he liked me then we went out....we had so many breakups because of me....i mean he had hurt me so much when we just dated for a couple of weeks.....he kept talking about his ex girlfriends...i soon found out that he was just trying to make me jealous to see if i cared about him...that was the dumbest idea ever! i mean he could of just asked.! any we broke up but then i asked him back out...i just couldn't let him go...its been very long and we only been with each other for 1 years and 6th months......i cant believed we passed our hardships and arguments...although we still argue....i love  him....and so we got to know each other more, and we are going to be with each other forever!


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