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      My Angel


I was single and happy. I've always been hurt before. Then I met this guy through a friend who I never really new at all. When he started texting to me it was so weird because I felt so comfortable.

I felt like I could be me,i felt there's an angel always guiding me and I never felt that way about a guy ever since.. He made me laugh; smile, and he just made me feel happy when I'm sad. Then he asked me to meet him.  Of course we do meet at the church.  We join the mass together.  after that we went out and we were so happy. I wasn’t ready to be taken and be committed I guess. But I did gave him a chance to prove that his serious of what he is doing. I never stopped thinking about him. We were picked for each other’s team.  It could be FATE, I told my self.  I started realizing how much he meant to me. Then one day we went out together in a resort. Their he courted me formally. I told him to meet my family first before i make any decisions. Then he did. He met my aunt and uncle and my other relatives. Now I said yes to him. We were so comfortable with each other now. We even shared plans and ambitions in life. We have plans for our future. God this could be it! I found my real and true angel who will love me with no reasons at all.


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