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When i was a kid, i always believed that miracles do happen in real life. I use to live with believing in those miracles that happened to snowhite or cinderella. But as i grew up and faced the real world in front of me, i had to set aside those childhood fanatasies, that it could happen to me too. Funny how our world spins, and that fate dealt me not just a rough hand but too heavy to bear. When i lost my mom, i prayed for a miracle, but you see.. it didn't happen and when i almost fell apart, i asked for a miracle.

Then this man really helped me to get back on my feet. It wasn't a miracle, it was a blessing in disguise. He had me when he showed me how it is to be loved and to love. He was almost perfect for me. And i always thanked God for sending me this man whom i never thought i would be with like forever, not even in my dreams. We we're such a great couple as our friends would say, it's like we we're so ideal. We shared more than a million memories for over 5 years.

Until the day came when he proposed and we planned to get married on his birthday. The arrangements were done and everything was settled. Wedding day came, and it was like im in one of the fairy tales i've read back when i was young. I ahd nothing more to ask for. As i was walking down the aisle, i couldn't wait to be in his arms, but still i cherished that one moment in my life where God granted me such a wonderful gift. We we're on the way the reception when this car who had a drunk driver in it crashed ours.

I woke up in the hospital trying to remember what happened, and then it snapped back where i found myself looking for my husband when my sister told me he was at the ICU and he was in a bad situation. About 2 weeks, i had recovered from the accident but still my husband was there lying in bed and he can't even open his eyes. Everyday, i tried to be strong, i tried to hold on to our promise. I prayed for a miracle AGAIN.

But my hopes fell apart when i saw him open his eyes but only for a few seconds and then closed it again. I never thought that it was the last moment in his life, in my life taht i would see him open his eyes. My world came crashing on me, it was like a stone above my head and a knife in my heart. My eyes were so filled with tears and my soul was dying too.

Why wasn't he there with me? Why did this happen to us?..Questions run in my mind. But i didn't get one answer. But one thing marked in me, taht i would never believe in MIRACLES.. and i stopped believing in all those fairytales, thats when i realized, there just stories but not for real.

It's been 4 years since he passed away. Now, i'm not still married, although i tried to date again but i just can't seem to find someone i could share forever with, for there's no such thing as forever.. Everything has its end.. And probably, i'd end up one of those women out there who grew old without having someon beside them, i'd end up one of those women who are afraid of exchanging vows and being afraid. But, i'm still wearing my wedding ring and sometimes when people asks me if im married, i say yes.


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