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      Summer youth camp 08 lovestruck


I'm 17 years old and I have so many experiences in terms of love life!!

The story goes like this!!!!

I was a animator in our church, i met joeriz and he is so talented, cute and gentleman!! My co-animator which is angeli like so much that guy and also my bestfriend.. so I just keep on silent>> But in the summer youth camp... i saw him talking to my best friend. I feel so down and discourage... But one night,he came to me and talked about Angeli!!! I schocked when he s aid to me that he want to court angeli.. SO i gave him an advice.. but at the end of our chatting we recall our memories when we are in 3rd year high school. ME and joeriz like each other but his best friend like me so he keep on hiding his feeling with me like i did now!! but i schocked when he says that He feel that we are now lovers.. so he court me and I'm so idiot and i said yes to what he said... But at that morning my bestfriend keep on murmuring about me and that i did was i don't talk to him and he feel that I'm not serious so he talked to me and said "can you call Angeli?" so i did it and they talk together.. I fell so ashamed that time I leave that camp feel so discourage and lonely...

But her sister know what he did to me.. she keep on advising to me..

When we had our outing, we met and we talked about it.. so we became friends but the truth is that i still love him but we decided to be friends...

On June 01 2008 on the despidida party of our beloved reverend we met and talked each other... he said that his friend wanted to courted me. I feel so angry and never talk to him.. When he knew that he say sorry and explain everything.. he says he still love me and i expresss also my feelings to him and we became lovers at that time...


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