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      I Have a Problem


okay, so I'm fifteen and my boyfriend and i have been dating each other for seven months and I've never been happier in my life :) I love everything about him! I love the way he holds my face when he kisses me... i love it when he sings to me even tho he's totally tone deaf, but i think its just so cute... i love it when he sneaks up behind me when i have no clue he's anywhere near me, and he just hugs my waist and kisses my neck... he makes me feels so special... every day he tells me I'm beautiful and how I'm so gorgeous even though i know i look horrible... and i love how he uses words like beautiful and gorgeous, instead of hot and cute... it makes me know that he really means it.  i love how he never hesitates to show me off to his friends and family even when i'm in my cruddiest sweats and basketball tees.  i love how he always teases me and lets me tease him back... i love his eyes! they're the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen. I catch myself just staring into his bright blue eyes and i just can't look away... i get lost in them. I love it when i try to talk to him about something but he interrupts by kissing me all over my face so i can't say a single thing... he gives me the craziest tingalies whenever he touches me :)... just being in his presence makes me smile.  i love resting my head on his chest and listen to his heart beat... its my favorite song. i love falling asleep in his arms on his old couch in his basement, and he just strokes my arm and watches me while i sleep... he makes me feel so safe... when he hugs me it feels like nobody could ever tear us apart.  but here's my huge problem... i can't decide if i want to cry or laugh... hurt because i don't deserve him, or smile because i have him... each day we're together is another day i can live. another day i can love and be loved.  i love this guy with all my heart... the second i lose him... i lose my life


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