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      I will never forget


I remember the first time i saw him, gorgeous blue eyes,beautiful smile, lovely blond hair and a body of art. He was dressed in blue jeans and a blue polo shirt, smelled like heaven. He sat next to me and my friends at work.


I could feel the attraction and soon, he was pursuing me...i loved to flirt with him via e-mail at work, he told me i was cute and he called me brown sugar. And i called him German lover.


I liked him, i knew he'd be gone in 6 months, i was engaged and conveniently forgot to say. When he found out he was cross, i quickly made it up to him. We both rode swiftly into a sinful love...


He showed me love, his pure milky skin on my cocoa skin. We went everywhere together, fun and adventure was our bread and butter, our milk and honey. I knew he would leave me, i knew i could lose my fiance but yet i did not care.


He was my light and when he kissed me, i knew i would forever love him.

He asked me to leave my fiance, to go with him to his start a journey of craziness and book-romantic love...i could not and i denied my heart a true chance at love...


Later he left, back to his mother country. He sent me sweet messages and a picture of himself. and that was it....he never wrote nor did he call, but i managed to save my marriage and now i'm having a child with my husband.


There is not a day that i do not think of him, i check my e-mail everyday hoping for something...i love the man, will never love like that again.


Never again....


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