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      Why not just kill me


I met this beautiful girl about three yr's ago. It didn't take much for me to fall in love with her. everything about her, i loved, from her smile her personality and just the way she made me feel. This girl very soon became a woman with my help. She had had such a horrible life before i met her from being in an abusive relationship. I would not accept this i wanted her to know the better side of life. I wanted to show her true love and i did. We really fell deep and hard in this love ship. we couldn't keep our hand off each other, we did everything together.Yes over the 3 yr's we had a few bumps but we loved each other so much we could not sleep knowing we were not happy. If this woman was sick i was sick, i f i was sick she was sick.The vacations that we took were like visiting heaven, but we didn't mind leaving because we were only next door to heaven. We told each other everyday 4,5,6 times a day how much we loved each-other, most times our times apart were times together....But on  July 4th 2008 everything came to a crushing stop, not a slow down, not a halt but a stop. My life ended. i went away to visit my father for he had been ill. I  return to find out she has moved on with someone else. someone she had only met two weeks earlier. some one who obviously pimp talked her into bed in one weeks time. I was shocked, i was devastated. i could not believe this. i pleaded and pleaded for this not to continue.I asked her several times if this was what she truly wanted, i got no response other than she didn't know.At that time i even felt this to be a sign that it was not yet over, but that night laying in bed with her cuddled like we did everynight After along conversation of us moving on together. love had rekindled itself, that was until he text her phone to see if she was alright 3times, and then called. i told her she needed to end this now with him and let him know of our situation. she jumped up slid on her shoes and went outside in her car to talk to him. i did'nt like this but said nothing. gave it a few minutes an went down to her car. i tapped the window to ask her to open the door and she complied -for what-. I was ripped. i left, went back upstairs, she stayed on the phone with him for an hour.The next day we talked again and it foiled again. she went to his home and stayed the next two nights. My heart is torn, i gave everything i had. i cant eat, i cant sleep,-GOD please help me


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