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      Does he still like me?


oh my GOD, I just can't stand this feelings inside no more because this guy that I ignored actually made me like him...Every night at 930 till 10, I wait for his call as he usually does before, but he failed to do so...I keep telling myself that he probably have no interest in me no more..I called him the other night, but then I was a scared cat again to tell him I'll called him back, but I didn't....

It all started when I was walking to school and saw one of my class friends talking to this boy I didn't even know how he look like except for his back. As usuals, I play around and ask my friend to introduce him to me, but then she never. Then an unexpected called me one night and it was him..First, I had a private call and then this unfamiliarity number showed up..I answered and he was asking for me..So i said "yes?" Then he said.."Oh, hi..this is Sam, Anne's friend"...So we talked the night and he continued calling me after those nights.

During our conversations on the phone, he wanted to see me in person at school. On the first day of his school, that was the day he wanted to see me, but then it didn't happened. So he called me again on that night and I ignored his call because since it was a school night, I didn't want to get bothered. He called me about 2 or 3 times and kept denying his call.Then he gave up and left a message saying that he was sorry he didn't had the chance to see me in the morning at school.

Another reason I ignored his call was because it was a turn off to me the way we started to have a conversation. In other words, that is not my ideal introduction of having to like someone. It changed my mind about him because every time I see him in school, I start to like him more.

The first time I saw him in school was when I was in the computer room searching some schoool stuff until a friend of mine called me and told me to come down to see something. I already knew that she wanted me to see the guy for the very frst time seeing him in person. So I went to see my friend and she told me that he was there sitting down.I got nervous and ran away, but my friend pulled me and told me not to be scared. So I went and saw him.

The first time I laid eyes on him, his smile made me like I was sitting on clouds. If only I didn't rush myself leaving and going back to the computer class.

Days goes by, he calls me and see him in school. People in my class knew the guy's and start teasing me about him. As I see him in school, I get nervous and sometimes can't breathe. I just sit by him while waiting for our classes to be open and have talks.

As days goes by......he stop calling me as before. I really miss him so much! And everyday, I keep telling myself to give him a call before someone elses gets him, but I always get scared because I keep telling myself that he must not like me no more.

So this is how I going end my story as it is.......

'Till next time..


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