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      I Thought You Wanted To Be With Me 4 Ever?


Oh My God!!! i cant stand how the way i feel right now!! I thought he loved me!! he broke up wit me 7/8/08, again!! and every time i always fall for it!!!! he broke up with me because i went to his house while he was in basketball camp, and i wanted to see him before he leaves! and his mother answered, and i got him in trouble,so when i signed on aim, his friend was cursing me out!! Then HE came on and started cursing me out,saying I hate you nd stuff, saying for me to suck his dick! and that  its over. i was crying that whole night,and until this day!! I try 2 act like i don't care, and said to his friend that i might date some boy, and then his friend wrote back HE goes out with a girl already!!! I was just crying all day to day! I don't know what to do no more i LOVE him! and i just want to be happy with him again, some one can you please tell me what should i do!!! and plus hes going to camp with me and he might be in my class, I'm so0o sad!! thank you


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