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      We cant predict love


ya title is rite,v cant predict love,i still remember it was the first day of school,for class 11th,i saw a new girl entered in our class,i dint noticed her,for almost 2 or 3 months,i dint had any feelin,or something for her.

but as time passed,i liked her,i tried to talk to her,but i never had guts to do tht,n all my class mets came to knw tht i like her,n they started teasing us,well till now i was takin all ths for fun,just to impress my frnds.

i joined the same class whr she used to go,n whnever someone asked me abt her i just ignored or made fun of tht,but slowly slowly i felt tht in all ths i hav fell in love wid her....

i tried to knw abt her,frm frnds,school,classes,everywhr,n one day i came to knw her birthdate,i brought a card for her,but i was very nervous,i was waiting outside our class,n everyone was there,n she came,i called her,n gave her the card,she said thnx for wishing but she refused to take card.

thn after few days i got her number,n i sent msg to her,thn she called me,n v started talkin to each other everyday,for hours n hours,she said she thought thr is somethin wrong writen in the card so she refused to take,cause i was one of the most mischievous boy in class.

slowly we bcame best frnds,n she told me tht she already hav a bf.

my heart was broken,n i decided to not to tell her abt my love n just carry on our frndship,n one day one of ma frnds,told her bf abt us,n tht guy told her not to talk wid me,n as she loved him a lot she did the same.

i tried to explain her,n convince her but she dint listen to a single word.ths whole thing came to my home,n ma parents sent me abroad,to study further n work thr,i was not happy frm inside,n ma life was ruined by all ths.

now i m back to india,after 2 years,i came to knw tht she also left the city.n now i wnt to meet her just once,i wnt to c her,but v hav no contact between us,she also changed her number n deleted her id on internet,i dnt knw wht is she thinkin abt me,but i still love her........................n i m missin her.....


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