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      How could this happen?


i had dated only a few guys before him and i thought i had finally found the right guy. he always could make me smile and laugh and every free moment i had i wanted to spend with him. we spent nights taking walks and holding hands. he was so cute and everything he did made me so happy to be with him. he even gave me his class ring.=]

well we had been dating for about a month and a half and i was on vacation visiting my family when all of a sudden he texted me saying "i cant do this anymore"

"cant do what?"i asked.

"i cant lead you on like this. i need to take a break. i need time to be myself and make myself better because im not a good person and im not ready for a relationship of our caliber."

i was so confused and hurt! i mean how could he do this to me while i was on the other side of the country and over a text message!

so i thought that i would just give him time and that when i got back we could just talk about it and i was sure that everythinf would be fine if i could just talk to him in person. but he wouldnt talk to me. i was still on vacation and i got a message from my friend saying that he was dating another girl! it had only been 4 days! i was so hurt and i felt so betrayed. so i asked him if it was true and he said he was just talking to her. then he didnt talk to me for a few days so i texted him on the 4th of july saying that i hoped he had fun. i was just trying to be nice. but he never said anything back. then i texted him saying that i was getting back in town the next day and that i really wanted to talk to him in person about everything but he wouldnt reply.

so when i got back in town i texted him again saying that i really needed to talk to him. but again no reply. so i finally said "you know what? now your just being a jerk!" and then he finally replied but only to tell me that he couldnt do anything about that and that he couldnt talk to me for a while.. and he said he couldnt talk to me in person because he didnt want to. and he kept saying he just couldnt talk to me. i cried for almost 20 min. because i just couldnt understand what i did to deserve him being like this! he never acted this way. and i still wonder why this happened and i wish we were still together the way we used to be, when he would come to my soccer games and cheer me on, when we would drive in his car belting out our songs, sitting under the stars just talking about everything. i miss that so much and i ask myself everyday "how? why?"

and now hes been dating this new girl for almost a week and a half, and he still wont talk to me.


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