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      SLIM Morn, I really love him


when i was 4th year in high school (2006) i have a crush in a handsome guy. not just handsome but also smart,kind,fun to be with and also talented,, let us call him "James"

when i saw him unintentionally he captured my heart, i really love looking at him because he have a very cute smile.. every time i see him in our school,, i cant do anything without giggling,,,,

days passed by,, my friends are going to tease me to "james".. funny to say this but i like it the way they tease us.haha but i just keep look at him smiling...

james and i become friends.."best friend" we talk every day, we roamed around and we eat together.. i was happy, every thing was so nice..

but oneday he came and talk to me, he said he have a gf already.. and that things hurt me so much.. i feel so sorry to my self.. i want to cry out loud but i cant cause i saw him very happy,, and i cant breathe when i found out that his gf is my best friend.. I wish to die but because i love him so much,, i try my best to be happy in front of my crush/best friend... i dont want him to see me crying...

but i really happy for him because he is happy...(yes i am) and i decided stop my foolishness to him... i keep my feelings for him as my sacred secret..

but i know to my self that even though he just treat me as one of his close friend, i still love him more than a friend..

but i am not hoping that james will be my bf someday.. YES!!! its possible but now i am enjoying our friendship.. i treasure our friendship because...




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