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      A love like mine


A love like mine is the kind that hurts so bad it could bring you to your knees.  At least, this is where i stood 3 years ago. I was dating a guy, I had known for the better part of all of my life. We drifted apart during school taking two very different paths. Well, as fate would have it, we met up through mutual friends at a get-together. He was not the "thug" i had him pegged for.  Actually, he was quite the opposite, and not to mention wore a very warm smile. One thing led to another, and we had a relationship. A very happy relationship, very serious relationship that lasted a year, until i became convinced that our time was done. Being young, I was avoiding REAL intimacy.  So i broke up with him.  Two weeks later, I found myself in a place I had never been. Alone. I was not the kind of girl to pursue, or start anything with a guy. Nor was I one to ask for a second chance.  However, the only thing I had on my mind was this guy, Jesse.  My world as I knew it, crashed. It was hard to breathe, eat, listen to music, or even smile. Soon I found out he had new girlfriend. He had moved on. Everybody could see my agony, I truly believed my heart was breaking.  The next year of my life was spent in meaningless relationships, and tears. I cried for a year at the loss of what I had given up.  Then I moved on.

Easy enough, I never saw Jesse anymore and was starting relationships that actually lasted longer than a few dates. Finally, I found myself happy again. Now here I am. I am dating a new guy, who is great and we have been together 7 months. I'm very loyal and smile everyday. I'm comfortable.  BUT. I was at a store the other day, and as I was leaving, who do i see?  None other than him. Jesse. My face instantly flushed. I tried to speed up hoping he would not see me.  Then I hear it... his beautiful voice saying my name repeatedly. So i turn around just in time to see the sunset hit his perfect face, I freeze. He says hi.  I stutter out a reply. There we stood in awkward silence, looking at each other. He wore the same cologne as then.  My heart raced, my knees weak. I finally turned to leave, and was overcome with tears. i could not breathe, i was shaking.  My sister who was watching by the car, just stood in amazement, and only replied with, "Oh my God, Natasha. A love that lasts that long. Are you ok?" Well, no I am not fine. 3 years later, by some freak accident I run into the ONLY man who in my life has affected me so. Now, as I am telling my heartache i am plagued with the memories that were, and the memories that could have been.  If he were not fulfilling them with his fiancee. (the girl he was dating after me.) 


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