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trust is the most important thing when you are in a relationship.

i love him more than anything else. i think, i gave everything and left nothing for my self. i cared about him so much. try to do everything just to makes him happy. we've been together for ten months already. but i don't know if we're still together at this very moment. he always got jealous to other cute guys around and accusing me that I'm flirting with them. he's always telling me that I'm a bitch and i can't get contented with him. god knows how much i love him and how much i did everything just to makes him happy. but it's not enough for him.

one day, he thought i was looking to the man in front of me. he accused me again of something that i didn't do. then i deny what his telling because i know to my self that I'm doing nothing wrong. he got mad at me and told me hat I'm a liar.

it really hurt when he told me that. i want to give up but I'm thinking of him if he will do good in school if ever I'll leave him. when the days pass by he still don't stop on insulting me. he always told me that I'm a bitch. i cry and cry every time he's saying those words. i hope one day he just stop and realize that i never betrayed him.

i want to be happy. i want to give up but my heart telling me that don't. i think I'm loosing what I'm trying to save from the start.


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