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well im a guy that has a normal life and i don't ask for to much. my parents split up when i was ten i have had a lot of stress so far in my life, and it had seemed like that would never change no matter what i did. then she came into my life the girl of my dreams she is so amazing so beautiful and she doesn't even know it. This is the girl that actually got me off my butt and got me out into the world. This is the girl that has given me so much and i hav given her so little i can hardly live with myself of how bad of a boyfriend i am. I mean this girl has shown me love and i try to give it back but she never believes me i try so hard to give her what she needs but i can't. I don't even know why i was born sometimes like i have noting good anymore. AND to add on to all this my wonder, amazing, beautiful girl is moving away from me. She is going to be seven hours away from me now and i don't know what im going to do. she is the only thing that can give me any happiness and she is move. Her of all girl my girl why does all this always happen to me. Im so scared that our relationship will be stressed when we are this far away from each other, she has been cheated on before and she is having some trust issues with me even though i would never cheat on her i love this girl and i think she loves me back but she just doesn't trust me well hahaha i don't think anyone dose i don't know what i did to have this problem i guess just just something else the good lord gave me to deal with my life i great. this probably makes me sound like im sorry for myself but that is not the it im just looking for a answer someone please help me.


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