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      Love at first sight


one day, i was out with my friend and we went down to the local park so she could see her friends. i argued with her because i didn't want to go but she assured me i would have a good time. i told myself i wouldn't. as we walked to the park, i had a strong feeling something was going to happen that night. as we approached the boys, one boy stood out in particular. he wasn't like the rest of the boys there. there was something different about him. i knew i liked him from the first time i laid eyes on him. he wasn't the nicest looking boy out there but he was different and whatever it was about him- i loved it for the first glance. as i got to know him more, i fell more in love with him :D. we started going out but broke up because of that "friend" that brung us together. i still loved him through the breakup. we are back together again and strong as ever. i haven't ever been so in love :-) i hope we are together forever :-) we're only 16 but i know what we have is very special <3 xxx


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