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      My Fairy


On a Sunday morning, I was reading my favorite book about fairies inour garden. I love reading books especially the fantasy one. When I wasa little girl I was thinking of myself as a fairy and flying around themost wonderful garden in the world. And I also wish that I could meet afairy in person. A fairy that grants a person 3 wishes. Is thatpossible? A fairy that can grant 3 wishes?

I laughed out loud and stopped to see if someone is there watchingher. I chuckled. A fairy that can grants 3 wishes. I said smiling tomyself.

Suddenly, it started to rain. "Oh!" I said. I started to run toward our house then-


Something just hit my head. What is that thing that hit me? Ilooked down and saw a small - what is that? A thin butterfly? When Iwas about to touch it, it looked at me, but not the same eyes as a bugbut a human eyes! A winged person? A fairy!

I rubbed my eyes and looked at it again, but now the tiny creatureisn't looking at me. It seems like it was hurt and need me to heal himor her. When I was about to picked it up, I feel my hands trembling.

I immediately arrange a soft bed using small cloth and a pillow."Hope its okay." I said worriedly. I put my head down for a while andthinking of sleeping. I was about to fell asleep when it turned itshead towards me.

"Hey they little creature," I said. "Are you alright now?"

"I think so," the fairy said. When I heard its voice I realize itísa boy or a man. I don't know. "Thanks for saving me back there. Andsorry for falling in your head."

I smiled. I can't believe I'm talking to real fairy right now. It'sso tiny and so cute! "That's alright" I finally said. "Do you wantsomething? A tea? A cookie?"

"What's that?" he said sitting up and checking his beautiful bluewings. Wish I could have something like that. He saw me looking at hiswings and smiled. "Why does a human doesn't have wings?"

"Uhm? I don't know. That's what God created." I answered him. "Oh! You need to rest you know."

He smiled at me and I blushed. Even though he's small I can see hisface clearly and he is truly handsome with a black hair and fair skin."Thanks for worrying. And now, where's the tea and cookie you promiseme?"

I laughed and stand up and went to the kitchen to get some tea andcookies. Wait a minute! How can he eat this big cookie and drink thetea? I remembered the mini tea set I have when I was a little girl.Where did my mother hide it? I went to the basement and started lookingfor my tea set. At the very bottom of the boxes I was looking at my teaset. I smiled and started pulling the box. I cleaned it and startedplacing the cookie in the small plate and putting tea in the small teacup.

"Hmm, this is truly delicious," he said. "By the way, what's your name?"

"Iím Kady," I said. "And you?"

"I'm Cole," he said not looking at me.

"Can I ask you something?"


"Are you a fairy that grants 3 wishes?" I finally ask.

He looked at me and smiled. "There's no fairy that grants 3 wishes. I think what you are thinking is a genie."

My cheeks turned red and I didn't talk until he is finished eating."Thanks for the wonderful foods. Right now, I need to rest. Tomorrowevening I will leave this place and be back to my home."

"Youíre leaving?" I asked sadly.

"Of course! A fairy like me can't live with a human like you."

"What do you mean a human like me?" I said my anger rising. A human like me! Those a fairy thinks a human is a monster?

"Sorry to offend you but that's not what I mean. I can't live witha human and fairies can't live the way human does their living."

"Oh, is that so. I understand. So, if you were given a chance tochange your life, what would it be? For me, I want to be a fairy justlike you." I said. Would a fairy want to be human? Maybe?

"I want to be human just like you," he said looking at me. Westared at each other for a while then I looked away. My heart ispounding. Why is that? Can a human fell in love with a fairy? But forme, it's like he is not a fairy. When I'm with him, it feels like I waswith another human being.

That night we talked and laughed. The following morning, he isbetter and can fly already. "You know Kady, if I was a human and I metyou. I might fall in love with you."

I blushed. "Why?"

"Because, I never met someone as you. No fairy is the same as you. You are easy to talk with and I'm -" he stopped.

I didn't say anything because I know he will not continue what heis saying. "You know Cole. When I'm with you, I feel safe and it feelslike I'm with another human not a fairy."

"Really?" he said and he sited at my shoulder.

I nodded. "I wish you were human." I whispered. I don't know if hehears it but he just fly again around the room. I'm really glad myparents are out of town.

Evening came and I became sad. "Thanks for everything Kady. Ireally appreciate your concern and the way you take care of me. I willnever forget you."

I smiled and just said, "Your welcome."

"If I'm human right now, I would say I love you but a fairy can't be with a human." he said flying higher.

I looked up and said, "Can't I have just 1 wish?"

"Yes you can. But only one," he said flying lower so he can face to face with me.

"Promise me, you will grant it," I said.

"I promise," he said crossing his heart. "Tell me what it is."

"I wish - I want you to be human," I said looking down. "No, I wantyou to be born the same year as I was and have family and friends. Iwant you to be human for all your life."

His eyes widened and he suddenly smiled. "That's the most wonderfulwish I ever heard." He then whispered to my ear, "I love you Kady." Heclapped his hands and it feels like I'm falling into a deep sleep.

I woke up and I was in our garden my favorite book on my lap. Isthat a dream? If it was, it was the most beautiful dream I ever had. Ismiled and think of Cole. His face is so handsome that when he becamehuman, girls will be drooping around him. I laughed.

Five days later, it's my birthday and my mom arranged my party for me. I already forgot about my dream and about Cole.

"Kady," my mom called. "I want you to meet somebody." I went to my mom and smiled at her and her guest.

"This is Mr. and Mrs. Anderson," she said.

"Happy birthday Kady," Mrs. Anderson said. "Wait! Where's our son? There he is. Cole,"

I was stunned to hear his name. The same name as my fairy. I lookedand saw their son. His face, his hair and his eyes are the same asCole's. I was staring at him and never thought that his parents arelooking at me then smiled.

"Maybe, we should left this two alone," Mrs. Anderson said then his husband and my mom left us alone.

"Want to go outside?" he said. Even his voice is the same as Cole's.

"Sure," I finally said. I was now not looking at him and don't want to look at him.

"It's a lovely evening, isn't it?" he said smiling at me. "Happy birthday by the way."

"Uh - thank you," I said. I sited at the grass and he sited beside me.

"Don't worry, I won't fall on your head this time," he said smiling.

I turned my head quickly and looked at him. "Cole?"


"I - I-" I started but words doesn't want to come out.

He holds my hand and said, "I love you Kady. And now I'm human, my dream of having you in my life will come true."

Tears suddenly flow in my eyes. "I can't believe it. I thought itís all a dream and I can't see you anymore."

"With my magic, I grant your wish. And my whole life, I'm waiting for this day to come," he said. "Do you love me?"

I smiled and said, "What if I said no?"

"Then I will became a fairy again and - "but then he looked at me and he laughed. "I'm only joking. And I can't -"

"I love you," I said. He holds my chin up and kissed me softly.

"If I have my magic right now, I will make the days came quickly and Iíll stopped at our wedding day," he said smiling.

I smiled and hugged him. "You are the most wonderful guy I ever met."

"And you Kady, is the most beautiful girl I ever met." he said.

From that day on, we became couples and promise that we will love each other until the end.


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