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As a story writer for a love story, I want my life to be as perfectlike the life of my characters in my book. But perfect is impossiblefor me. I donít know why? But I like comparing my male characters tothe real man. Thatís why I always think that my characters are moreperfect than the men in the world. No one can be as perfect as them. Inreality, why canít a real man be as perfect as the characters in abook? Is it impossible for them? Is it difficult to be perfect?

They always ask me how I wrote those stories. They ask me if thestory is based on my experience. I just laughed at them and lied thatit was my experience. The truth is I donít know what it felt like to bein love. I never had been in love. Of course I want to have a husbandsomeday but I was afraid of something about falling in love. Itís beinghurt by someone I love.

How I wrote love stories but never been in love? Itís simple. Ijust have a wide imagination. I just imagine what lovers will feel anddo. I donít need to experience how to be love so I know what to write.I just listen to otherís stories about love. In there, I learned whatlove is. How beautiful and cruel it is.

People say that Iím beautiful. They are really curious why I neverhad a boyfriend. They say that I need one so that I can experience itand I can write more love stories. But I donít need a boyfriend so thatI can write many love stories; all I need is my wide imagination. Manyguys tried to court me but I turn them all down. All of them are notlike my leading man in my stories. When I told them why I turn themdown, they looked at me like Iím some person from the other planet. Iknow itís weird but I felt that way. I am looking for a guy who wouldbe my leading man. Who is like a character in my stories. A perfectguy.


I was in the mall looking for a dress for our companyísanniversary. There would be a party and many important people fromother companies would be there. Old people will be there. Manyteenagers were in the mall and I was observing them. Is relationshipimportant to our lives?

I was going through a pile of dress but I canít find a dress forme. What should I wear? I saw the saleslady looking at me. I smiled ather but after a few minutes she talks to me.

"Are you looking for a dress?" the saleslady asks.

"Yes," I said still searching for a dress to buy.

"What dress would you like, maíam?" the saleslady asks me.

"Anything fancy for a party," I said. "I like royal blue dress. A cocktail one. Do you have one?"

The saleslady smiled and goes through the piles of dress, here andthere. Only for a few seconds she already got so many dresses hangingin her arms. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped, sheís an expert infinding a good dress.

"Here you go, maíam. Try it all. As you can see itís not all royalblue. You can try some other colors and pick what you want. Thedressing room is in the left side," she said pointing at the left sideof the store and giving me all the dresses she picked for me.

I thanked her and walk toward the dressing room. When I was nearthe dressing room, a guy accidentally bumped me. All the dress wasscattered at the floor and the guy caught me before I hit the floor. Myeyes were closed and when I opened my eyes, I saw sparkling, deep blueeyes staring at me. Itís about a minute before I realize what I amdoing. I was in this guyís arms and staring at him. When I came back tomy senses I stand up immediately and look at the floor.

ĎOh my God!" I said and kneel down and pick up all the dress onthe floor. The guy helps me pick it up. "Thank you so much." I said notlooking at him. I was still embarrassed because of what I did. I didnítmean to stare at him. I canít explain what I felt when I was in hisarms. Itís different. I Ė I donít know.

"Are you okay?" he asked me.

I was still not looking at him. I stand up and when he was about togave me the other dress I looked at him. My eyes widened. He was like Iimagine my characters would be like. Tall, very handsome like a princein a fairy tale and a he seems like a charming guy. He has deep blueeyes and muscular body. He wears a neatly gray t-shirt and pants. Helooks like a rich man but he only wears a t-shirt and a pants. I staredat him for a long time. I didnít realize when he holds my hand and putthe dress in it.

"Oh, sorry about that," I said shaking my head. "And thanks for catching me a while ago." I can feel my face blushing.

"No need to say thank you," he said smiling at me. I feel like my face was burning when he smile at me.

I smiled back at him and I say goodbye. I walk straight to thedressing room, day dreaming. How wonderful could a guy be? He seems tobe very nice and sweet. I turned around to see if heís still in thestore but to my embarrassment he also turned around to look at me. Ijust smiled at him and look straight.

Why did he look back? Does he like me? No, no, no! Maybe he justturned around to look for clothes. I smiled to myself, thinking.

After a few day dream I tried all the dress the saleslady give me.I tired the red dress with a high slit on the side, a black dress thatis so low that my bosom can be seen and some other dress. At the end Ipick the blue tube cocktail dress with white roses printed on thebottom right and white rose shaped lace on the waist.

I paid for the dress and leave the store. Sigh. I was stillthinking about that guy. Heís so handsome. I never thought someone thatgood looking will accidentally bumped me. I canít forget the face ofthat guy. I just wish I could see him again.


The day of the party, many guys approached me. I thought that thepeople who will be in the party are all old people who like talkingabout business but I was wrong. There are many people who are the sameage as me. Most of the guys were good looking. But no one is as goodlooking as the guy I met in the store.

"Do you want a drink?" Brian, one of the guys who had courted whenwe were still teenagers asks me. He is my co-worker and a good friendof mine. When he courted me I was so surprise, I didnít realize that hehad feelings for me. We were such a good friend that I canít believe hewill fall in love with me. But itís in the past. At least were friends.

"Sure. Thanks," I said. I looked around and look at all the peoplehaving fun. Some are dancing, some are talking to each other, some aresitting alone, and some are laughing so hard. My eyes were stillroaming when I just saw a guy familiar to me. A handsome guy. The guy Imet at the store! I walk towards him my eyes locked into him. Is thathim? He seems different. When I came closer I still canít see if thatísreally him. When I came much closer, I stopped. He was looking at me.He saw me! He saw that Iím looking at him and walking straight at him.I turned around immediately and walk fast, my face burning. The guycaught me and I turned around.

"Hey! Itís you," I said my voice pretending to be surprise. "Whyare you here?" What a stupid question? Of course heís here to party.

"You work in here?" he asks me not letting go of my hand.

"Yes, I work in here," I said. He was not looking at me, he wasstaring at me. Why? Do I look ugly to him? Do I have something on myface?

"Whatís you name?" he asks me.

"Iím Paige McLeish" I replied.

"Paige McLeish? The writer?" he asks his eyebrow raise.

"Yes. Howíd you know Iím a writer" I ask him. He doesnít seem to bereading my books. I looked at his hands and thatís when he let go of myhand.

"Sorry about that," he said. His ears were turning red and I donítknow why. I just smiled. "My sister is reading your books. She seems tolike them. Iím Freddie by the way. Freddie Rick."

"Freddie Rick, the CEO?" I ask him my eyes widening. He, the guy Imet yesterday only wearing a t-shirt and pants is the CEO? I never methim before or even seen him. I never thought that he is the CEO of ourcompany. He is so young to be the CEO.

"Iím sorry, sir for disturbing you," I suddenly said when I foundout what his position is. Iím really embarrassed. When we first met heaccidentally bumped me and I stared at him for a long time! And now heis the CEO? How could I face him now? "I Ė I need to go now. Someone isĖ uhm Ė waiting for me and there he is. Bye now."

I walk away immediately and he doesnít seem to stop me this time."Where have you been?" I turned and saw Brian. Oh! I forgot about him.

"Sorry. I just went to the rest room," I said. I looked back but Ididnít see Freddie anywhere. Where is he? Why didnít he stop me? Andwhy am I thinking these?

"Hereís your drink," he said giving me the drink. "I am reallybored. The parties of this company are always so boring. The music isso old ÖÖ" I was not listening to what he is saying. I canít seem toconcentrate right now. I was thinking about Freddie. I canít believe heis the CEO? Why didnít I see him before? Oh, right. He is always in hisoffice, working and when he needs something he just pushed a button andsomeone will be there. I always heard that the secretaries are alldrooling over him. When I heard that I just laughed at them. I didnítknow that the guy they are drooling is so handsome!

"Earth to Paige," Brian is waving at my face. "Are you listening to me?"

"Yes, yes," I lied.

He smiled and continues what he was saying. I looked around and if lucky I could just see him even a glimpse of him.

At the dance floor, there I saw him with a girl so pretty thatevery guy who she passes by will look at her. Maybe she is hisgirlfriend or even his wife. I just looked away and listen to Brianíswords.

When the party ended, "Want me to take you home?" Brian asks me.

"Thank Brian, but I canít," I said. "See you tomorrow, okay? We still have to go to work."

Brian smiled and kissed me at my cheeks. "Just make sure you will get home safe. Promise me."

"I promise. Donít worry about me. I can take care of myself," I told him. I waved goodbye to him and he waved back.

I was alone in the side walk waiting for a taxi. I forgot to bringmy jacket along. It was so cold in out here. And the taxi has alwayshad a passenger. I was really shaking now. Is it going to rain? No,please! I donít have my umbrella.

My arms were cross and I was really getting worried that Icouldnít get a taxi. I should have accepted Brianís offer. After halfan hour of waiting, I was shaking so badly. The wind is blowing sohard. I am sure it will rain.

Then I heard a carís horn. I looked up and saw a car at my left.Is that car horning at me? Then to my surprise Freddie came out of thecar.

"Why are you here?" he asked me. He took off his coat and places it around my body. "You are shaking. Need a lift?"

"No, no! I just wait a taxi in here. Iím alright," I said. "And thanks for the coat." The coat is so soft.

He looked at me with his eyes so gentle my knees tumbled. "Hey!" hesaid catching me. "Are you really alright?" his voice was so worriedthat I want to hug him tightly and say that Iím alright. "I will takeyou home. And donít make any excuses."

I was about to make some excuse but he seems to read my mind. "Ican go home by myself," I finally said. "And maybe your wife is waitingfor you."

He laughed. "My wife? Iím not married."

"Sorry. I thought you already got married," I said not looking athim. I was still thinking about the girl she was dancing with. Am Ijealous?

"Even a girlfriend, I donít have one," he said smiling at me. Isaw that smile. That gentle sweet smile. "And now, itís really gettingcold in here. Letís get in the car."

He opened the door in the front seat and I get in. Heís really agentleman. He gets in also and started the car. "Where do you live?" heask me.

"In sunrise," I replied. Even in the car itís so cold. The air conditioner is in its high power.

He saw me shaking and turned the air conditioner lower. "Donít you have your car?" he asks me.

"My sister borrowed my car. Hers is being repaired. And I canít sayno to my sister. He is older than me. And my parents would be angrywith me if I didnít agree with it," I said.

At that ride, we talk about many things. He tells me his life andI tell mine. He told me he is the only son of the president of thecompany. He is afraid of his father thatís why he always obeys whateverhis father wants him to do. He told me that his father never listenedto what he says. He doesnít have any freedom to say what he thinks. Forhis father itís not worth it to listen to a man like him. His motherdied when he is still young. Because of that loss, his father became socold to him. When he told me those things I canít believe it. Iíve seenthe president and he looks so kind.

After he tells his story, I tell mine. "I have a sister namedAlicia. She is so beautiful that many rich men like her. She is myparentsí favorite."

"Whatís your sisterís like?" he ask me.

"Why? Do you want to meet her?" I said suddenly feeling sad. Maybehe is interested with my sister. "Sheís nice. She is a good dancer andshe has a very good sense of humor. She treats me like Iím her sister.And she is engaged with a guy I donít know who. I never met him. Itísonly my parents and Alicia who sees that guy."

"Really?" he said his voice looking interested. "You know what? Myfather is the one who will picked for the girl I will marry. Actually,he already picked the girl. Iíve seen her and sheís really pretty. ButI want to marry someone who I love. Someone who I can spend my wholelife with. Someone who will never get tired of loving me."

I was looking at him when he said those words. I canít believe aguy like him can say those words. I thought he is like the other guyswho likes collecting girls and leave them after. But I was wrong. He isdifferent. He is so sensitive when it comes to love.

"Can I ask you something?" he asks.

"What is it?" I said.

"What do you like in a guy?" he asks me.

I stared at him. "Well, donít laugh at me,"

"Why would I laugh at you?" he asks me.

"What I like in a guy is Ė I want him to be like my characters in my stories." I answered.

He pauses for a while and then he said, "Is that possible?"

"I donít know," I said.

"Well, alright," he said.

We talked about ourselves and other things about ourselves. After along ride, at last the car stopped in front of our house. "Nice house,"he said.

"Thanks. Want to go inside first?" I asked him.

"No need. I need to do something. Thanks for the offer anyway," he said. He gets out of the car and opened the door for me.

"Thank you," I said. He was about to get inside when I remembered that I was wearing his coat. "Hey, your coat."

"Oh, right," he said. "Bye then. Hope to see you tomorrow."

I waved at him and he left. I was so happy that we talk and have some time together. I really hope to see him tomorrow.


The following day, all my co-workers were looking at me. Whatís up?What did I do? Why are all these people staring at me? Did I get apromotion or what? Did I do something wrong? I walk faster to get awayfrom these people. I opened the door to my office and sigh.

I look up and surprise by what I saw. My office was full offlowers. Who did this? Who sends this? Is this why the people outsidestaring at me?

I touch the flowers then smelled it, "It smells wonderful," I roamaround and check out all the flowers. The smell of it filed the room. Ifeel like I was in a garden full of flowers. Then I rememberedsomething. Flowers? Filled in a room? I suddenly remember it. In mystory "Forever" the guy filled the bed room of his girlfriend.Different flower everywhere and the smell of it filled the room.

Who sends this? Brian? Freddie? I look for a card; in my story theguy put a card in the most beautiful flower. In the middle, was themost beautiful flower, white rose, my favorite!

I look for the card and at last, I found it. I opened it and read."Thanks for the wonderful night. I learned that you are such awonderful girl. I want you to have dinner with me this day. Iíll pickyou up at 8 oíclock sharp. Hope to see you. Freddie"

I smiled. I feel so wonderful like Iím the happiest girl in theworld. Right now, I want to go shopping and buy a beautiful dress forour date.

That night, I was so happy fixing my hair and applying makeup inthe face. I should look beautiful tonight. Then thereís a knock on mydoor. "Who is it?" I called.

"Itís me, Alicia," my sister answered. "Can I come in?"

"Sure, sure," I said.

She opened the door and stared at me. "Where are you going? Are you going on a date?"

"Itís none of your business," I said still now putting mascara in my eyelashes.

"Who is the guy?" she still continues asking questions. "Is he rich? Handsome?" He sits on my bed and waiting for my answer.

"Heís a great guy," I answered. "Want to meet him?" Well, Iímafraid that when Freddie sees my sister he will forget all about me andgo out with my sister. I canít help it if sheís more beautiful than Iam. What can I do right? I canít have a plastic surgery to make my facemore beautiful than my sisterís.

"I want to meet him," she said. I looked at her thinking why shewants to meet Freddie. Does she want to flirt with him and let him fallin love with her? Does she want to get Freddie away from me?

"Maybe you could meet him," I said.

She smiled and lie on my bed.

At 8 oíclock, the doorbell rang. "Iíll get it," my sister called. Iheard the door opened but no one called me from my room. Isnít itFreddie? I thought. Itís 8 already but he isnít here yet. Did he forgetour date? Did he change his mind? When I went to look who it is, I sawFreddie standing at out door way. He wears a beautiful black coat andblack pants.

I saw Alicia talking to him. Freddie saw me and wave and smile atme. Alicia saw me coming and she went straight to the living room notsaying any word. Thatíd odd. What happened?

"Ready?" he asks me.

"Ready," I answered.


We went to the fanciest restaurant in the city. Itís so nice in there especially when the lights are turned on.

"I already reserved a table for us," he told me.

"Excited, huh," I teased.

"Just want to make this date special because itís our first date,"he said. He offered me his hand and I took it. I saw our table in themiddle of the restaurant. He pulled the chair for me and I sit down.The table was rounded and was covered with white cloth with rosesprinted on the sides.

"Hereís the menu," the waiter said. He gave us the menu and Istarted to read. My eyes widened because of the prices. Itís soexpensive in here.

"Have you already picked something to eat?" he asked me.

"Not yet," I replied looking at the menu again.

All the foods look delicious. I look at the list of courses. DilledBrie with Smoked Salmon, Chicken Marbella, Prune and Almond StuffedPork Loin, Chicken in Grand Marnier, Shrimp Mold, Elegant Mushroom BeefWellington, Maple Mustard Chicken, Lobster, etc. In the desserts,Bailey's Irish Cream Cheesecake, Chocolate Fudge Cake, MascarponeCheesecake, Lovelight Chocolate Chiffon Cake, Decadent Butterscotch NutCoffee Cake, Molten Chocolate Cakes, Peaches in Stawberry Cream and.Showy Raspberry Fudge Tarts.

I donít what to pick. "So?" he again asked.

"I want the chicken in grand marnier," I answered. "And for desert molten chocolate cakes."

"Me, I want the dilled brie with smoked salmon and for desert, letit be like the order of this beautiful lady in front of me," he saidlooking at me.

I smiled at him and gave the menu back to the waiter.

"Do you like this place," he asked me looking straight at my eyes.

I feel like I my body became numb because of that. "Yes. Itís so warming in here. This place looks nice,"

"Do you like the flowers I gave you this morning?" he asked me.

"Of course. Itís so wonderful and sweet. Thank you," I said. Ipause for a moment then, "Can I ask you something?" My heart waspounding. He nodded. "Where did you get that idea?"

"Itís my own idea," he smiled.

I raise my eyebrow. "Really?"

"Donít look at me like that," he said. "You donít believe me, do you?"

"Maybe," I said smiling. "Alright. I believe now."

He smiled. "What are you doing when youíre sad?"

"Me? I go to our rest house. It very nice in there," I said.

The food came and it smells delicious. We ate then after he asks meto dance. That night was so wonderful. I never had so much fun in mylife.

At quarter to 11, we reach my house. "I had so much fun," I said. "Thank you."

"Your welcome," he said. He gets out of the car and opened the door for me. "Hope to see you tomorrow Paige. Good night."

"Good night also Freddie," I said. I wave goodbye to him and he gets inside the car and drive away.


I had a wonderful sleep that night. I felt so happy and in love? Isthis love Iím feeling? The following morning, I wear my beautiful reddress. "Whatís up to you?" Alicia asks me when I entered our diningroom for breakfast. "Had a great night?"

"Yes," I said smiling. I get a bowl and spoon. I opened therefrigerator and pick up the milk. I saw Alicia looking at me. Why isshe looking at me like that? I sit and poured milk on my bowl.

"Can you please pass the cereal?" I said.

"Here," she said. "Where did you got last night? You got home really late."

"We just had dinner," I replied stirring my cereal.

Alicia didnít talk for a moment. "If you only know," she whispered.

"Whatís that?" I ask her. I stared at her. Actually I heard whatshe says but I donít know what it meant. If only I know? Whatís thatthing I donít know?

"Oh, nothing," she said continue eating her cereal.

I felt so curious like I want to ask her what it meant. I known Alicia for so long, I know she will not tell me.

After a few minutes my mother came in and saw me, "Donít you have work today Paige?"

"I have," I answered. "Iíll just finish eating and Iíll leave."

At that I quickly eat my cereal. I finished eating and I saidgoodbye to them. I wish I could see Freddie. I smiled and feel veryexcited to go to work. Itís like going to my job for the first time. Ifelt so excited.

"Good morning," the security guard greeted me.

"Good morning to you too," I greeted back.

"You look gorgeous today," he said.

"Thank you," I said to him.

I go to my office and in my table was a white card. I picked it upand started reading, "I had a great night last night. Can you havelunch with me this afternoon? Iíll just pick you up in your office at11 oíclock. If you donít want to have lunch with me, Iíll still pickyou up. You donít have a choice (Thereís a smiley in the card). Love,Freddie."

I laugh and put the card in my bag. I started working and everyminute I was looking at the clock. Why am I so excited? Itís justlunch. Itís not a date, right? Or is it? I shake my head and get backto work but my mind is not working properly. Iím only thinking aboutFreddie and our lunch together.

At 10:30 I arrange my self. I retouch my makeup and comb my hair.I look at my reflection and smile. I put all my makeup in my bag andsome other things I needed. After a few minutes, thereís a knock andFreddie came in. "Hi there," he greeted. "Ready?"

"Ready. Iíll just turn off my computer and arrange some things.Can you wait for me in a second?" I ask shutting down my computer andgetting my bag.

"Sure," he said smiling and waited for me to be ready.

When Iím finished we went out. I was surprise that all the peoplearound us were staring at us. I just looked down. I heard some voicesaround me. They are gossiping! How could they?!

"Whatís wrong?" he asked me.

"All the people in that room are staring at us," I said softly. "Iheard some voices and Iím sure they are talking about us. What if theystart a gossip about us? That will ruin your reputation!"

"Thatís alright," he said holding my hand. "They are just jealous.I donít care if some gossip started. The important thing is we knowthat itís not true or maybe some of it is true." He smiled so gently tome. I looked at him and I smiled back. He holds my hand more tightlyand I hold him back. Iím glad Freddie is a nice guy. Iím so glad that Imet someone like him in my life.


The following days were so sweet. All the things he did for me islike the things my characters did in my books. Like when he brought meto a place were all the flowers are arranged neatly to form my name.Itís in my book entitled, "The white princess". When he gave me alocket where my name is engraved on it, it is in my book entitled, "Thelocket". Also when itís about midnight, we were in a field were manytrees surrounded it and lights suddenly turned on. It is so beautiful.Itís so romantic. There we did our first kiss. At first I donít knowwhat to do because itís my first time. But he taught me. He told me Iwas a fast learner. I just felt so relieve and just enjoy our kiss.

We were officially lovers that day. We do what normal couples do.All the people in the company know about it. And Iím afraid if thePresident will agree with it.


"Wait for me in the living room," I said to Freddie. We were aboutto go on an art gallery. He told me he wants to show me some arts heloves. Freddie is an art guy. He is a great painter.

"Alright," he said smiling. He walks straight to the living roomand I go to my room to change. I didnít take a long time to change andfix myself. When I got back I saw Freddie and Alicia talking to eachother seriously. What are they talking about? I didnít enter the roomand I hope to hear some words they are talking but I couldnít hear athing. I sighed and entered the room slowly. They saw me and shock cansee in my sisterís face.

She didnít say a word and she just leave the room. Well, thatísodd. I looked at Freddie but he just smiled at me. I just leave italone. I donít want to talk about it. And I think itís nothingimportant.

The art gallery for me is quite boring. I got no interest in artbut Freddie does. Well, what can I do? The art he showed me isinteresting. I never thought a painter could paint such a realisticdrawing. Freddie asks me to pose for him because he wants to paint me.Iím so excited because itís Freddie whose painting my picture.

I was so tired of smiling and when he signals to me that he isfinished he showed me his drawing. "Oh my God! Itís beautiful," I said.The drawing is so realistic that it looks alive.

"Do you think so?" he asks.

"Of course," I said.

"Because I thought my drawing is not as beautiful as you" he said picking up the canvas.

I blushed and he hugged me. "Do you want to keep it?" he asks me.

"Can I?" I said.

"Sure you can," he said smiling.

"Oh thank you so much," I said getting the canvas from him. "Iíll treasure it."

He kissed my cheeks and then I kiss his lips. "Well, thatís notequal," he said his eyebrow raise. He smiled and kissed mepassionately.


Some days after, we were just finished eating our lunch when fathercalled me. "I need to go now, Paige," I said. "My father is calling me.Maybe itís something important. I think its business."

"Oh. Alright," Paige said.

We finished our food and we returned to the building. I immediatelywent to my fatherís office. Father is not calling me this time of day.Maybe itís really important. I knocked and I heard my father said,"Come in."

"Why are you calling me?" I asked. "Is there any problem?"

"Is it true about you and Ms. Paige McLeish?" my father asked me.

I stared at him and said, "Yes."

"Are you out of your mind?!" he half shouted. "You are engaged andthe engagement party is in three days. Did you tell that girl you areengaged?"

"Yes I did," I said. I forgot that I was already engaged and I canassure Paige also forget about it. I havenít mention to her that itísin three days.

"So, what did she say?" he asked.

I didnít answer. "You break out with that girl. Did you hear me? Break up with her," my father ordered.

"I canít father," I said my voice so confident.

"You canít? Why? You love her?! Are you sure you love her? You loveyour fiancť and thatís final," father said. "If you canít break up withher I will move the engagement party in two days. And she will lose herjob and she will never get any job anymore. I will make her lifemiserable. Now go!"

I was shocked. I donít know what to say. I felt angry and scared.I just nodded and leave the room. I felt so disappointed. I donít knowwhat to do now. How can I break up with Paige if I love her so much?And the engagement, I am doing things to stop it. Father is so powerfulthat Iím afraid he will hurt my Paige. What should I do? Whatís thebest thing I could do?


Freddie was really different after he talked with his father. I was so worried to what her father said to him.

"Are you alright?" I asked him. "Iím worried Freddie."

He looked at me and he put his hands on my face. "You know that I love you so much Paige."

"I know that," I said.

"And you know that I will do anything for you. That I willsacrifice anything just to make you happy and make your life wonderful.That I will not let anybody hurt you." he continues.

"What are you up to? Why are you like that?" I asked my heart pounding. I feel so weak like something bad is going to happen.

"Please tell me you love me," he said.

"I love you so much. I love you with all my heart," I said.

He smiled weakly and then he said, "The engagement party Ė I Ė weneed to break up. I know you already forgotten that Iím engage and Itoo forgot about it. Because of you Paige I forget all about it. Ourlove for each other is more important than anything."

My eyes widened and tears were leaking in my face. "Please donítcry," he said. "Please Paige. I donít want to see you cry." His eyeswere so soft that I cried much harder.

I pushed his hand away and shouted, "You love me, huh? Are youmaking fun of me? I donít believe that you love. If you do, you will doanything for me. You will break that engagement and be with me. Howcould you?! I canít believe you break up with me because of yourengagement. I thought you are not engage anymore! I hate you!"

"Please let me explain, Paige," he said softly. "Thereís a good reason why we need to break up."

"Donít say another word," I said shouting. "I donít believe in anything you say or will youíre a liar. Goodbye Mr. Rick."

I walked away and he didnít follow me. He just shouted, "Please believe me Paige. I love you so much."

At that, my tears were nonstop. I canít believe Freddie will dothat to me. I canít believe I believe his words that I am the only onewho he loves. I thought he is not engage anymore. I will not accept himif he told me he is still engage. Iím so stupid! Why do I love him somuch? Now I canít stop the pain Iím feeling. It really hurts. My heartis in pain. Thatís why I donít want to fall in love. I donít want tofeel this. I donít want to feel this pain.


That night, Brain visited me. My sister called him because she sawme when I go home. My eyes were so red and swollen from crying. "Areyou alright?" he asked me.

He sits in my bed beside me and he looked at me. I was in bedfeeling so sick. I donít feel good. My voice is shaking when I answeredhim, "Do I look alright?"

"No," he answered honestly. "You donít need to be like that. Whereis the Paige I know? The strong Paige I love Ė back then. My friendPaige? Did she just disappear because someone hurt her feelings? "

"You donít know what you are saying. Do you know what I felt? Doyou know how much pain I felt right now? Tell me!" I said starting tocry again.

Brian pauses for a moment looking at me. "Thatís love Paige. Whenyou are in love you experience being hurt. Thatís normal. You canítstop that pain I know. Like what happened to me back then, I alsoexperience being hurt by someone I love." He said.

"What happened to you?" I ask him.

"When you didnít accept me," he said. "Well. It really hurts youknow. I drink and drink but at that experience I became strong. Ilearned that being in love is about being hurt and also being love bysomeone that deserve my love. I didnít say that you need to drink anddrink too. Iím just saying be strong and that pain will disappear."

"Does it really hurt so badly?" I ask him.

"Yeah," he said. "Change topic. I donít want to talk about my love life."

I laughed. I heard him sigh and he said. "Iím glad to hear youlaugh. Get up and we will have fun. Iíll teat you to Wonder Land."

"In Wonder Land? You have a ticket?" I asked.

"Luckily a while ago my raffle ticket won and I won two tickets inWonder Land," he said. "Are you coming or not? If not, Iíll just askyour sister to go with me." He stands up and waved at me.

"Iím coming," I said immediately sitting up.

He smiled at me. "Get up and change. Iíll be outside your room," he said. He left my room and I get up and changed my clothes.

Brian is so kind. Why didnít I love him before? I feel that hestill loves me. Canít I love him? Canít I learn to love him? Can Iteach my heart to love Brian or someone else?

When we arrive at Wonder Land we try all the rides. The rollercoaster, space mountain, the haunted house, carousel, and much more. Atthe haunted house I was laughing so hard because Brian is a so scared.I canít believe a guy like him is scared of ghost. We tried the Ferriswheel last. Inside we talk.

"Did you enjoy?" he ask me. We sit beside each other and I enjoy the view outside.

"Of course I did," I said smiling. "For some moments I forget Freddie. I think I need to have fun to forget him. Thank you."

"No need to thank me," he said. "Youíre a special friend to me. Idonít want you to feel sad. I donít want to see you sad. It hurts myfeeling you know."

"Do you still love me?" I ask him.

He looked at me and said, "Of course I do. Itís not just snap myfinger and my love for you is gone." His face was blushing. I smiled.

"Hope I can love you. Hope I can repay your love for me," I said.

"You donít need to love me back. I know itís hard to love someoneelse especially if thereís already a person in your heart," he said."You canít teach your heart to love someone else. You will feel thepain much more if you tried to love someone else. Time to time, youwill somehow forget your feelings for him. But sometimes it takes yearsto forget someone especially if he became a really important part ofyour life."

I smiled to him. "Thank you for being such a good friend," I said.

He smiled still blushing. I laughed and teased him, "Why is our face as red as a tomato?"

"Itís just that, you know, a guy like me talking about love," he said not looking at me.

"You should be doctor love," I teased.

He laughed and after a few minutes our ride is over. I felt to relief and we decided to go home.


The day of the engagement party, I wore a pretty pink dress. I wassurprise that when I woke up my parents and sister isnít at home. Wherehad they gone to? They didnít wake me up or just leave a message to me.Where are they?

Brain picked me up a few minutes after. "Youíre gorgeous," he compliments me.

"Thank you for the compliment," I said.

We went to the party and saw that the whole building was decorated."How romantic?" I said feeling slightly hurt. "This party is reallyarranged."

"Have you seen the girl? Freddieís fiancť?" Brian asks me.

"Not yet. I can assure that she is really beautiful. I am nothing compared to that girl," I said feeling weak.

"You are the most beautiful girl for me," Brian told me.

I smiled at him and we went to find out table. After a few minutes,the party started. "Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. Were here tocelebrate the engagement of two young couples," the host started. "Bothare handsome and beautiful. They are a son and daughter of a wealthyfamily. Let me present to you ladies and gentlemen Mr. Freddie Rick andMs. Alicia McLeish."

Thereís applause and my eyes widened. Alicia McLeish? My sisterAlicia? I looked up and saw Freddie with my sister Alicia on stage.Brian was looking at me his eyes were widened with shock too. I canítbelieve its Alicia who is Freddieís fiancť. When? How? Why didnít theytell me? How could they? Freddie knows that Alicia is my sister, whydidnít he tell me? And Alicia, I canít believe it. My own sister? Sheknows that Freddie and I were couples. Why didnít she tell me? Is thatwhy when I entered the room and the two of them were talking theystopped when they saw me? Does Freddie just come into my life just tobe close to my sister? So that he could see what my sister is like? Arethey seeing each other behind my back?

In the stage, Freddie and Alicia were smiling and now hand shakingwith the president and some other important person. I donít want to seethem. I donít want to see anyone!

I ran outside and called a taxi. I donít care if those people talkabout me or think anything bad about me. I donít care with anythinganymore. I want to leave. To leave those people who betrayed me. I wentto our familyís rest house near the Port Lake. The place is so creepybecause of so many trees. The taxi didnít want to go farther becausethe road in there is slippery. I paid the taxi and just walk.

I need a place where I can rest. Where no one will talk to me andhurt me. I want to be alone! I stayed in there for a long time. No oneis looking for me. Only my family and well, I mention this to Freddiebut he doesnít know where this is and Iím sure he isnít looking for me.He must be having a great time in that party. And Iím here, all alonecrying for him!

The rain is pouring so hard outside. I heard a loud bang just nearhere. Whatís that? Is that a thunder? I look outside but I canít seeanything. Itís so dark.

The party must have ended right now. Itís so dark outside. Rainwas pouring in the window and the thunder is scaring me. I wish someonecould be with me. I wish Ė I wish Freddie is here with me.

I started to cry. Why did I love him? He just played with myheart! I canít believe I bought it. I canít believe I love him. But heshowed me what love is. How to be loved? It just hurts so much.

The door burst open and I saw Alicia so wet because of the rain. She was catching her breath.

"Why are you here?! Leave me alone!" I shouted. "Get out! I donítwant to see you! If you donít get out Iím the one who will leave!"

I looked at her still catching her breath. "Paige, Iím reallysorry for not telling you," Alicia said. "We need to go. You must gowith me."

"No!" I shouted.

"Paige, Freddie -," she started. Her eyes were red, she must be crying.

"What happened to Freddie?" I said my voice suddenly became worried.

"His car hit a tree just near here. I donít know what happened buthe is in the hospital right now," Alicia said. "We must go now."

I donít know what to think. Freddie is in the hospital? I justwant to see him. I want to see if heís alright. He Ė he went to lookfor me! He wants to see me! That loud sound I heard. Itís Freddie?!


We arrive at the hospital a few minutes after. I was still weakbecause of what I heard about Freddie. I donít want to lose him. Idonít want him to die because of me. I want to see him. Spend my lifewith him.

He was still at the operating room. I was praying so hard to letthe operation be successful and let Freddie be alright. The operationtakes a long time. Itís about an hour when the doctor came out.

"Doctor?" I heard a woman say. It must be Freddieís mother.

"Heís alright now," the doctor said. "He lost so many bloods and Ineed a donor for him. His left arm is broken but it will be fine inabout a month."

I heard a sigh of relief from the people in there. Iím so happythat Freddie is alright. But Ė itís my entire fault Freddie was here.If I just listen to what he wants to say that day. If I just listen tohis explanation, he will not get an accident. Itís all my fault!

"I will donate my blood doctor," I heard Freddieís mother says. "Iím his mother after all. We have the same type of blood."

"Alright then," the doctor said. "Come with me." I look at them getting inside the room.

"Sis?" I said to Alicia. "I need to get out from here. I need to leave."

"Why?" she asked. We went in the corner where nobody would hear us.

"Itís all my fault, Alicia," I said crying. "Freddie is herebecause of me. I was the one who should be blame for this. Itís all myfault."

"Itís not your fault, Paige," my sister said softly. "ItísFreddieís decision to come to you. You know what happened in theengagement party? He said to all those people in there who he reallyloves and who he wants to spend his life with. He said you name Paige.He said your name. He talked to Brian and asks where you had gone to.He said you must be in our rest house. Iím the one who told him wherethat is."

"Freddie loves me?" I asked. "He really loves me?"

"Of course he does," my sister said. "Iím the one who told him notto tell you that we are engaged. He told me he was planning things tostop our engagement. But you know what his father is like. Heís socruel and powerful!"

"Why would you not tell me?" I said.

"I donít want to hurt your feelings. I thought our engagement willbreak and you will not know anything about it," Alicia explained. "Idonít want you to be hurt. And Freddie doesnít want to hurt you also.He told me he loves you so much. I can feel that his love for you isreal Paige. And I know you felt it too."

I smiled and hug her. "Thank you sis," I said.

I heard someone call my name and I turned around to see everyone was looking at me. "Paige?" the doctor called.

"Iím Paige, doctor," I said walking toward him.

"Mr. Freddie wants to talk to you," he said.

I looked at my sister and she signals a thumbs up. I smiled at her. I nodded at the doctor and go inside the room.

I saw Freddie sitting up. "Hey! You should lie down," I said. I walk forward and stopped a few inches from his bed.

His face was still handsome even though there are wounds in there.In his left cheek were stitches. His left arm is bandaged. "Iím sorry,"I cried. "Itís all my fault that you are here. If you didnít come afterme, you will not get an accident."

"Shh, donít say sorry to me," he said smiling. "Come closer."

I walk step by step. His right arm pulled me and he hugged metightly. "Donít ever leave me Paige," he said. "I canít let you leaveme again."

I hugged him back. "I will never leave you. I will die if I live you. I caní live without you in my life."

He explained to me everything. Why he breaks up with me, what hisfather told him, what he planned to stop the engagement, everything!

"Letís not talk about it," I said. "The important thing right now is that were okay and your okay."

He hugged me more tightly. "This is not a romantic spot but Paige, will you marry me?" he asked me.

I looked at him my eyes widened. "You donít have a ring," I smiled.He looked at me curiously. "Iím just joking. Iíll marry you FreddieRick."

"I love you so much Paige," he said. "I want to spend my whole life with you."

"I love you too," I said. "Thanks for making me happy. Iíve knownso many guys but you are the only one who makes my heart beat. You arethe one who I want to spend my life with. The one I canít live without.Thanks for being a perfect man for me. I never thought I will meet aguy so perfect like my characters in my book. I never thought theywould all exist in you. Thank you for being the one."

I just remembered something. "The things you did? Is that really your idea?"

He laughed. "No," he said. "Remember that my sister is reading yourbooks? I ask her to tell me everything that the leading man does to hislove one."

I smiled at him. He started kissing me. "I love you Paige," hesaid. He didnít let me speak because he started kissing me and I canítjust speak because of his kiss.


Freddieís father has accepted me as Freddieís fiancť. He said sorryto me and I accept her apology. Before we got married, its Aliciaíswedding first. She met a rich guy in one of her seminars. They wereprefect for each other. Iím so happy that Alicia met the perfect guyfor him. Brian also met a girl when he had his vacation. They werelovers for so long now. He told me he will propose to her and ask someadvices what to do. I told him he should make it so romantic. His ownidea of romance.

Freddie and I got married after about 2 years. All of our familyand relatives attended our wedding. I wrote a book entitled "Perfect".Itís mine and Freddieís love story. I wrote everything what happened tous. When I wrote that book everything seems so perfect. For me, Freddieis a perfect guy for me. Not as perfect as my other characters but moreperfect than those. He is the one for me. The perfect man for me.


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