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      The Girl in the Glass Ball


a time where true beauty was hard to find, there exists aman. This man was like most men of thetime; cynical to true beauty and love. He lived his life simple and found happiness in few fellows. One day as he was walking home he stumbledagainst a small glass ball. It was of magicalquality and inside he noticed something. To his amazement it was a beautiful girl dancing and singing alone. He sat down and watched for hours, neverlooking away at the beauty of this girl in the glass ball; her skin looked softas silk, with a alluring olive color, her eyes mesmerizing as it squinted atthe ends, and her hair, her hypnotic hair, blonde, but not naturally blonde,but as if it was once black but colored blonde, (wink) whoosh through the airas she sway her head in dance. This manhad seen many pretty ladies in his life, but this one was definitely not ofcommon stature. Her smile held the most magic;happiness glowed from it so much it was almost visible. The man decided he must have this woman, sohe knocked lightly at the ball. Sheseemed to have not noticed. He knockedharder, a little annoyed, no reaction. The man started to become angry and began beating the glass ball as hardas he could, “YOU WILL PAY ATTENTION TO ME”, but nothing. He stood there hours and hours cursing andbeating, but the girl gave no attention. Days, weeks, than months flew by and the man had become tired andwithered, but he could not leave, almost as a curse had bestowed him. “What is it that I have to do to get yourattention?” no answer, not even a glance. Finally, the man decides that maybe his dreams will not come true, andhe goes home. The next day he came back,“Where have you been?” in amazement he looks down and the girl is lookingstraight at him. “I went home, I beat onyour ball, I cursed in tongues even I do not know, over and over for yourattention, and you, girl in the ball, gave me none. “Well though I am trapped in this ball andhide behind these walls, beating and cursing is no way to treat a lady.” The man was speechless, he thought,” How do Itreat a lady that is trapped in a ball?” “Like any other lady!” the girl in the ball yelped. “You can read mythoughts?”, “No,” she smirked, “All you fellows seem to be the same.” The manwas discouraged by her remark, one thing he did not like being was the same asothers. “I will take you home and I willshow you I am no different!” and with that he picked her up and took herhome. “Why would you want to be with me?I am a girl trapped in a ball.” The man had no answer; he did not know what tosay. For the next couple months, the mantreated the girl in the ball as if she was a princess; he delivered and servedfrom hand to feet, whatever little needs the girl in the ball wanted. If she was hungry, he go hunt, if she wasbored, take her out to wonder the woods, and when at night he would read toher. It did not matter he could not feelher silk skin, or run his hands through her hair; he enjoyed her company and enjoyeddoing things for her. One day as he wokeup and went into the room where he kept the girl in the ball, but something wasterribly wrong, the ball was broken and the girl was gone! He urgently searches around the house, until hestumbled into the kitchen, where he finds a person he did not know. The person was standing towards the counterand it appeared that the stranger was cutting something. He stares and stands quiet, evaluating thefigure before him. “Gasp”, he knew whoit was, he could never forget that hair, that blonde but not naturally, lookedas if it was black but colored blonde (wink) hair, it was her, and she hadescaped her ball and grown full size. “Mylady, is that you?” The figure turned around and there she stood, her browneyes glazed into his and for a moment he felt as if the five elements of earthhad rushed through his soul. “But howdid you escape the glass ball?” “I didnot escape the glass my ball, but rather was ready to leave it, you see, Ichose to protect myself in that ball, long time ago, I was hurt, hurt so bad Isworn not to love again. That day youcame to first lay your eyes upon me, I was ready not to give my notice anddefinitely not my heart, but your persistence was quite flattering. At first I watch as your eyes flare in angeras I have seen in many, but you came back and you took me in, and though youcould not touch or feel me, though I was not able to come out of my glass balland give you what other woman could, you still loved me, you do love me?” Hestammers, “I,I,I loved you the first day I laid my eyes upon you, but why haveyou left your protective ball?”, she looked down, pondering if she was ready tosay what she was about to say, “ Because after years of hiding behind thatball, I am ready to open my heart, my kind sir, I love you, in this time welive in, true love seems virtually extinct, but do you promise to not hurt me,do you promise to give me what I need, as a woman, a person, and as a soul mate.?”The man takes two steps towards the girl, takes her two hands to his, looks herstraight in her I, “I am merely a man, but not the same as mere man, I am humanwith no intentions of evil, but room for many errors, but I promise that I willdo my best to give you everything you need, as a woman, a person, and as a soulmate. Whatever I do not have, I willfind, whatever I must learn, I will learn, I love you …”, then it hit him, hedid not know her name, “My love, I do not know the name that I planned to livethe rest of my life with.” She replied with a twinkle in her eye, ”Staiy”. TheEnd

This story is an old 14th-century Chinese folklore. It is said that the originator was a man wholet his anger and impatience take over, he lived the rest of his life in sorrowand made it his duty to teach others the power of not just love, butpatience. No known version mentions thename of the man, only thing that has ever been mention in other texts, was thathe was not actually an attractive fellow, heavy set with a rough look, butbecause of his good humor and heart he earned the respect and love of the girlin the glass ball.


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