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      Fate online chat/regret


ok well i went chatting on this hmong online chat and i happen to choose only one guy from out of all the people in there. Then i was talking to him and i kind of give him a little information about me like my age and last name but the other rest was fake. and then he ask for my msn and mayspace, i told him that i dont have none of those but the truth is that i did but i didnt really want him to see me. so he gave his myspace to me and i went to go check it out. he was pretty cute. hehe and hot ..


well we both were at the same age in live in the same country but different city.  it was alright with me. then later on he ask for my number and i told him i wasnt sure yet i would have to think about it. so he say it fine.and i thought that he would be one of those bad guy so i didnt really turst him or didnt really want to get to know him much but soon then we keep on talking and to me it went pretty great then i wanted to get close to him so i told him that i kind of lie too him and he say it was alright. so then i told him the truth about me and he understand everything so we keep on talking i was gonna give him my number but then all of a sudden he log out and i thought maybe his computer die so i waited until he came back but he never did . so the next day i went again and try to find him but i couldnt. i was gonna add him on mayspce but then i thought to myself maybe he dont want to talk to me anymore so i didnt add him..


so far this has happen but im going to find him beside myspace and try to talk to him and see what wrong. because if it fate then i would find him agian but if it not then it alright with me..but i regret it so much for not giving him my myspace or number. i was really looking forward to meet him. and im still am


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