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      My heart fall into pieces


I'm in the Internet room of our school (LORMA COLLEGES, La Union)when i decided to browse my email account..

when i just log-in in the web hosting site, something caught my attention, its picture, a picture that's make my heart broke into pieces... i cant believe it... that person is not texting me for about a month, i understand because of its work, until now no text coming out from my cellphone... when i browse the picture, ive saw him with someone, they hug so tight and you will gonna see tru their smile that they love what they are doing... i just found out that the person who hug my love had slept im my loves room because of her dress... tears want to go out but im trying to hide it because of those people who are around me... now i know the reason why he didnt text me for that long period of time i hate to say this that i still love him despite to what ive saw... im just asking what will i do, that someone caughts my loves heart?

does i dont have any right to love somebody or to be love? help me..




by: rkm of bangar, la union


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