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      Young Love


            When I was 16 my mom told me this guy that I thought was really nice and kind liked me. I couldn't believe it! He was one of my best friends brother.Then one night in August he called and asked if I would go out with him and I was like YES! We planned on taking it slow because of me being 16 him being 22. Our families had known eachother and were friends so they were ok with it.....A year passed and our plan of taking it slow didn't work so well. We were crazy in love and couln't wait till I was 18 to get married! Also during that time my sister started dating my boyfriend's best friend. It was like perfect(they are still dating)! Then at a year and three months I knew he was getting really serious and I started getting scared. I was learning some things about him that made me uncomfortable but I didn't want to break it up because of his family being so close to ours and plus I was still goood friends with his sister. It was the hardest decision I ever had to make!Finally I called him and told him that I wanted to stop dating but I still really wanted to be friends. It took about six months but we got it to the point that we were hanging out and having fun with my sister and her boyfriend and our families were still close.I guess this next part is my fault because since we had been hanging out alot I though that mabye I had made the wrong decision and I started to fall back in love with him which he knew and was glad about. I would say that it was almost to the point of dating again when we went on a trip with our youth group and there was a guy along that started flirtitng wth me. I didin't handle it right and I kinda flirted back in the beginning of the trip. Well righty so that made my ex extemely mad and hurt. He started pouting and threw a fit(ruining the trip for me and him). He also said some mean things and I was like this is it. His pouting had been one of the reasons I had broken up with him in  the first place. So the trip ended and at that point we were not even talking. Its now been a year and we are still not really friends.I know that It is partly my fault but I'm glad that I didin't go along and continue dating him. I only regret that I wasted my inocence and time on him.(one good thing is that I am still friends with his sis( although not as close) and our families still hang out)


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