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      It never meant to be


so me and some of my friend went to our friend sister wedding.we all share a table . and when i look straight forward i saw this really cute. so every time during the party i always stare at him and see what he doing. when i stare at him he would stare right back. my heart would beat. i thought i would get the chance.


so like when the party almost ended they would play loud music and everyone would start to dance. they turn off the light so it was really and my friend just sat there and like a couple a couple minute later we would go and dance .you know we pump up the party.ah ah


well it was the last 30 minute left and i sat because i got tired from dancing then i was looking at him dancing and i saw him with a girl so i thought that was his girlfriend i was crush a Little . but then i was still day dreaming about he would ask me too dance with him during a slow song but i knew that it not going to happen so i went outside and then these people was asking me if i saw this blue ribbon so i say that i well go inside and ask for help and i did.

so my friends was sitting there like nothing well the light was turn on so you can really see everything and they were playing a last song and it was  also slow song . well anyway when i was going toward one of my friend to ask for help the guy that i like was walking right in front of me and toward my friend(the one i was going to ask for help). he was talking to her and was like OK that weird so i waited until there done so that i can help her for help but all of a sudden they both got up and slow dance with each other i was so shock i didn't know what to do so i turn around to my anthor friend and ask her for help . and act like i didn't care.


i walk around trying to find the ribbon for about 30 sec i couldn't find it so i just forget it about. and i turn and still see them dancing huh i wasn't piss or anything but i guess it wasn't meant to be..


but at the end they never dating because he live too far ..


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