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      I still love her


when i was freshmen in AMACC i fall in love with a girl named Beverley...


let me recall the day when i first saw her in school, she is so beautiful,kind and she have a nice eyes. i always stealing a time to look at her because for me looking at her made my days complete.


one day, i go with her and her friends to stay in a small store in front of our school, i simply ask her of what her name and where she live, and i try to say some of joke just to make her smile.


days passed by, we make close with each other, she call me "kuya" and i call her "manghod".


i was about to tell her about my feelings for her but she have a boyfriend and she love her boyfriend a lot.


but their relationship did not last.... they decided to break up.


so i tell to my self that i can tell her that i like her more than a sister and i thought that if i court her, she will accept me to be her boyfriend but she didn't!


because of the reason that she still love her ex'boyfriend.


but i didn't stop courting her, i tell her that i can wait for her cause that's how much i love her.


and Aug.13,2007 its Bevs birthday, i was not able to go to school because i have my work in the same day.. i just planned to celebrate her birthday in the other day.


next morning i try to talk to her but she's going to snab me because of the reason of i am not with her in her birthday.


but i find a way to talk to her and i apologize to her and so she forgive me and told me its ok.


in the afternoon i buy her a small cake with softdrinks to celebrate her b-day.

she was so happy of what i did. she told me i am the first guy to celebrate her b-day with her. she said that she was so touch!!


months ago.... its the end of our first simester.. i decided to stop schooling



i didn't see her again in 7months.. i really miss her so much.. but i know that i will see her again next open sem. and in my self i know that i still love her but i will not continue courting her....










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