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so this story started when they where in middle first they were the worst enemy ever known at the campus..... they keep on screaming on each other, and even saying foul words...

but when they reach high school they became cool and close because of the same circle of friends,, they talk about the same topics and became open to each other.. at their junior year the girl told the boy about what she really feel for him, so she drag him to the other corner of the classroom and said "i think i really like and i cant keep it anymore....are you angry?" the boy, dumbfounded, cant say anything back he was choke when he heard the girl, thinking that it could just ruin their friendship kept her distance from that day forward..

weeks later the boy became sweet to that girl and began to talk to her like the way they use to talk. but when the boy brought up again the 'love topic' the girl became awkward and speechless..... after several days the guy asked the girl the most special words "can i court you and be my girlfriend" and surely the girl was shock and said "are you for real? are you serious?" the guy thought that she was only playing with his feelings and leave the girl hanging' on her dreams the next day the girl tried to talk to him "hey what happened yesterday im just asking that cause i don't wanna get hurt you know that.." but the guy diddnt listen...but the girl still keep on loving him..

days had passed and still she's inlove, but the guy seemed to move on already and go for the girls best fried, the girl was so hurt that all she can do is to accept it and move on , but deep inside her heart it was not her best friend and this guy become girlfriends and boyfriends...but the girl befriend to this guy and they go out in a big group and they were just friends. the guy the girls bestfriend diddnt last long cause the girls bestfriend broke up with him and go for her ex-bf. So the guy is so broken hearted he would even run back to the girl and tell his feelings as the boy's tears running from his cheeks, the girls heart is crushing cause she let her love one, love someone else for its happiness,

until this days the girl was still inlove with him and still wondering if they can move again their friendship to the next level..... But surely the guy would never mind her again, i know it cause im that girl!!



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