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      His eyes said I love you


I knew him thru one of my school friends, before we had an introduction he had asked my friend Ashu about me. That time Ashu replied that I was engaged to somebody else, actually, Ashu was in love with me and didn't like Abhi showing an interest in me. After I came to know about Ashu's interest in me, I stopped talking to him.

Then it was a complete break for two years, still Abhi didn't forget his love for me I didn't have any idea about his love for I was told that he was going around with somebody else. Abhi started having more and more contact with me.

Some day's Abhi would come near my house and tell me that he was there for his friend or he would wait near my college at the time when I came out just so he could look at me, or just say hi and then he would walk me home. He started giving me a lift home daily although he never spoke a single word about his love for me. I started to really enjoy his company. Eventually his friends made me aware of the real situation, Abhi didn't speak to me for nearly a month.

Then at last, on my birthday, he said that he loved me. Although I had been waiting for this… I was speechless when it finally came. I walked away from Abhi at that time and he took it that I didn't share the same feelings, unaware that I too loved him.

The way his eyes said "I love you", is the most indescribable thing for me. We thought we cared and loved each other but neither of us had said it. It took me a year to say yes to him from the day he had proposed to me.

Abhi is so loving that I cant explain; the way he wraps me in his arms to save me from the cold or the way he holds my hand while we walk along.

Once my father caught me with Abhi, although he was not aware of our love affair, he thought we were just friends. In that hard time Abhi didn't leave my side, he was with me to support me and hold me and show the whole world that I am his and he loves me and only me.

At first my family were opposed to the relationship, our time together was restricted, but Abhi proved to everyone that he was the person whom I would be most happy with.

So that’s it... My parents have arranged our engagement on March 4th, Abhi's birthday.

And we are now going to say to each other "EEK MEI AUR EEK TU..........."


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