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      A Heart Break To Remember


I'm 14 years old, and as hard as it is to believe, I know for a fact that I fell in love. It started about 5 and half months ago. I started dating one of these guys that I had, had a crush on for a while. At first i just liked him, like a lot We had a lot of fun times together. Our first kiss was wonderful, even though it was in Truth Or Dare. We held hands, hugged and did a lot of things together.

After about 3 months I dumped him because it was my last year at school, and he was in 7, me in grade 8. I only dumped him because I thought it would be easier than waiting on the last day. But after not even a week we started dating again around May.

We went to Spring Fling together, and on that day I knew I loved him. Well I knew I loved him a long time ago but I was sure of it.

Then, the last day of school came (which was today) I was so sad. We were going to be going our separate ways, and I wouldn't see him for another year when he enters high school.

I kissed, and hugged him goodbye when the Bell rang. I was so sad.

We didn't break up, and now this is probably going to be the WORST summer ever...all because I'm in love with a boy that I wont be able to see.


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