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      Heart broken


I put my head down as I walked through the loud hallways of my highschool. I hated school. But then again I loved it. I hated most of my classes but I loved my fourth block class it was the best well.. not exactly I just liked going there because the kid I had a crush on was in there. He's a junior and I'm a freshman but I knew I can work my way through him.

As the days went by we talked more and more and now we sat next to eachother in class making fun of the teacher haha it was so much fun. Then one day I asked him for his screen name. And he gave it to me we talked everyday afternoons and nights. Omg the best. Suddenly I see his away message and it says iloveyoubabe and I found out he had a girlfriend. I was crushed. I didn't talk to him as much now and he knew I was angry he asked me to hang out one day with him and his friends and so I did. His friends were nice. Exept one that caught my eye. Never would I ever imagined that I would catch feelings for him but it happend. We were sitting there laughing and he said man your mad cool and I said thanks he said we should be best friends now and I said yay! Okay. He asked for my number and I gave it to him and we started texting each other that very moment we would stay on the phone all night long, it would be incredible. Then he asked me to chill again with the boy I use to have a crush on. But I don't anymore but the funny part is there best friends ! but since gio ( the one I use to like) has a gf, why should I waste my time? I was doing gios hair that day he asked me to chil. And he went to the bathroom to go check it out. And I laid on the bed and nick ( the one I talk 2 at night) said to give him a hug. I got up and gave him a hug and omg he kissed me let me tell you was it the perfect kiss. Never would I forget such a wonderful touch anyone could ever experience. I knew at that moment that I was in love with him. I told him that I love him.. and he rejected me. He liked me but I had to mess it up. My heart is broken and I don't think it will ever be fixed again. I cry everyday and everynight.

But he will never understand the love I had for him


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