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      A unique type of love


We met during our junior high years around 14. I noticed him first. He noticed me next. We came from very strict/moral backgrounds due to our culture. Our passions were detained because of those stupid social mores.

I moved away 3 years later against my private heartfelt wishes. I told him how much I loved him on my last day of school and told him how I couldn't understand why he was so terribly shy to act and reciprocate in kind and sped off... I couldn't believe I said something like that which I rehearsed for 3 days. I never told him I was moving.

I moved away 3 states removed. That same year I was involved in a bad car accident that killed my brother. My latter teen years suffered emotionally, compounded by the normal teen woes. It was overly stressful. It took me at least 8 years before I felt totally normal again. I dated, had meaningful relationships and even enjoyed my twenties, but always had an ache for that love that went unrequited.

I married in my thirties, had a child and divorced... and during my stressful times, I thought of him... I even prayed strongly to produce a miracle to see him one more time. Out of the blue, one year later after my prayer, unusual events happened that put me in contact with a former classmate of those times that led to their class reunion. Guess what, I attended that class reunion at his invitation and voila, my sweetheart reappeared in my life, 33 years later! I cannot even commence to write any further without writing a beautiful love story that has become very touching through very sensitive, inspirational, beautiful messages of that time, the why's, the why nots, the what ifs, we've gone over many, many things through e-mails... the bad news is that he's happily married (so he says), but we have mutually agreed that our ever-warm connection is extremely rare and would do everything for life to protect it... in the meantime, we've talked a few times on the phone as well!

ln and between phone calls and special e-mails, we've no doubt a very inspirational and unique type of love... where is it going... we don't know... we have plans to see each other again, but we are both very deep in family commitments that disallow us at this point in time... we've agreed to make the most in our proper lives until we reach that moment of togetherness once more without any question to how long or how short that moment of time will be for us...

I'm so happy and content and my heart feels quenched for the many answers that took me a lifetime to have answered. I'm very thankful to God and know that Love does conquer all in life, big or small.

What's the outcome for all of this... that's God's secret, only he knows why he responded to my prayer and now I pray for thanks and for much more love in my life to all those people that so richly connect with me including my sweetheart of yestertime.


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