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      Does he really love me?


I been going out with this boy for already hafe a year! and i wrote some stories about me and him!I hope yall remeber me but he asked me back out may2,2008 and i said yes cause i really love him!It s been good so far but i was on a side kick writing to him and my friend said write i love you. I said no cause he said he dont know what loves mean! so she took the phone away from me and wrote i love you nd left! so a few mintues passed and he wrote i love you! so i was shock and went home and cryed for joy!i was so happy and i am a very senstive person!so when we talk on aim i will write i love you and he will write it back but i think to myself do he really mean it!because he still be hanging out with the girls in his class room more than me!our realtionship got better though but its almost the last day of school and im kind of sad cause that might be the last time i see his face!some 1 please tell me do u think he really mean it and he improved from our last realtionship! my friends say i should break up with him and find some one that will treat me right!and sometimes i feel like breaking up with him then i dont. can you tell me does he really loves me or should i break up with him?



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