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      He was everything


This might sound really silly but I roleplay as in I have a myspace account and I use a celebrities face as a default.

Nevermind that though.

I am at the age of 14 turning 15 and like others have mentioned, people always say you're to young to fall in love but truthfully that's a lie.

I was just getting over my first real heartbreak even over a computer.

I met this guy who seemed so important to me.

It was the deepest, uttermost amazing feeling I had ever had.

It was pretty slow and we got close as Bestfriends.

We understood a lot about each other and I even shared the fact that I cried when I saw his hit me like, "Is this the guy I've been waiting for?"

Soon enough, our ex's were gone and we fell for each other..until she came back.

What we had was even more amazing than before.

We would put our hands to our hearts and tell each other "the song played."

I trusted him with everything...

Long story short, he got back with that ex and cheated on me two times...

I can't begin to tell you the passionate pain I had all over me.

Those memories and those inside things are unforgettable.

When I learned about all this, I tore every letter apart and deleted every picture that was made.

I hated him and I got rid of our connections.

I told myself I wouldn't cry over someone like that but he meant everything to me.

I woke up the next morning and went down to the lake, sitting there thinking about nose kissys and what we created.

I cried there, I cried in the shower, I cried in my room and I couldn't eat.

My dad noticed but I never had the guts to mention what I had put myself through.

I hadn't followed my instincts when she came along but she was always.. messing things up for us.

The memory that held me up the most was the memory when he made me promise him to leave a guy if he cheated or treated me bad.

Right now, I'm talking to him on aim and it's hard.

I feel so much happiness just being able to but then that pain is so deep.

When heartbreak occurs, I realized that everything seems so horrible; like nothing can get better no matter what.

You don't need anymore details but to becareful with whom you trust and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS follow your instincts.

I do believe God put me through this for a reason... and I will always love this guy because he helped me through a lot and taught me a lot without understanding it.


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