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      The Start Of A Heart Break.


One day, I recieved a request from my crush's cousin. I didn't like him at first. I thought he was mean.

A couple months later, I found his youtube account and commented one of them. Asking if the guy recording was Danny. Danny was my crush at the time and his cousin. He said yes, and asked me how I got his account. I explained to him how I got it and all.

We started talking, and talking on Myspace. We always teased each other. Like, I told him I was going to a BonFire and he said he was going to be there to push me in the fire. It was always jokes though. And we called each other ugly.

He dropped many hints that he liked me. Like he would say I love you a million times on myspace comments. But I never got them. I would say 'I hate you too.' It was always the kidding around. Eventually, I started realizing that he always made me smile. I had a really hard life and I never really smiled. But he did it. He made me smile every time I talked to him. I loved him.

So one day, I asked him who he liked. I never met him in real life so I didn't know who his friends were. So I wouldn't know who he liked. He refused to tell me. I got confused, 'cause he should know I didn't know his friends. So we kept on talking like normal. And at midnight, he finally asked me if I wanted to know who he liked. Of course I agreed. He said he liked me. I was completly shocked.

The next day he asked me out. We talked every day and every minute. We never grew tired of each other. We met and we were too shy to talk. So we hugged 2 times and that was it.

I loved him more than anything in this world. More than anyone.

During our relationship. His parents found out about us. They yelled at him and everything. They took his laptop away so we couldn't talk much. But he still had his PSP. But then a couple days later. My internet srated going bad, so I never got to go on as much. We still had strong feelings for each other. We were still willing to die for each other.

One day when school started again. He commented me saying he was failing his classes. And that I was always on his mind. He said it couldn't work out. It broke my heart. He said he would love me forever and would go back out with me after high school. I was crushed but I never wanted him to know.

I talked to his ex-Best friend a couple of days after the break up. I told him what my ex-boyfriend said, like everything. He said my ex-boyfriend asked someone to Home-Comming. I was surprised and questioning our love. I cried and cried. I took him off my top.

A couple weeks later, his sister messaged me. Saying how my Ex was mad at me because I told his ex-best friend we broke up and all the mooshy stuff. I was having a bad day so it just pushed me off the edge. I messaged him, and told him going out with him was a mistake. I told him, I don't want to be his friend....

Everythign crashed down. He destroyed our relationship. I destroyed our friendship....

One day I told him I loved him and always would, I told him to not get hurt and everything. Then I deleted him off my myspace. I took away our last connection.

On Christmas, his sister told me my ex was depressed and that it was all my fault and that I was a bitch. It crushed me.

Till this day, I still love him.... I still carry around the wound he gave me....


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