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      My beautiful love story


It was a moment of my life when I thought that I will never be happy.It happened last year,I was 29 with a boy of almost 6 years old and preparing to get into a divorce after 6 years of marriage.It wasn't a bad marriage but just till last year when we started to fight real bad and one day he hit me and let me without two teeth.the terrible part was that my kid saw everything and that killed me so I decided to get divorced which I did.I haven't had a normal or should I say a peaceful childhood,I was getting to a nightmare when I was 6 and my parents all the time were separated,my mom had to endure a lot of things from my father.I didn't want that happen with my child...

Before my divorce start I met him,I met the love of my life,the real love of my life,I met the happiness.For the first time we've saw each other we fell in love and that just by seeing each other picture,I knew that he is the one and I wasn't wrong.That happened last year in July,we are close to celebrateour first year together...not really together cause the reallity is cruel.We are together but I am in Romania he is In the US...

We can get together without a visa and that is taking so long to get it,we are working on but this distance...oh God is way to much.

Still our love is so strong that nothing can break it,still we are apart it feels so good to know that you are loved,it feels so good to feel the love of your loved one,to feel confident and know that no matter how hard it is you will be together,that you will be loved an respected.Though we are apart we are happy,happy that we have each other,happy because we really love each other,happy and thankful to God for found each other,happy that we can live a love like this, a beautiful wonderful magical love...our beautiful real love....


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